If covered, how do I get Medicaid hearing aids?

Doris asked...

Is there coverage for Medicaid hearing aids?

Expert Answer

About two-thirds of state Medicaid programs cover some or all of the cost of a hearing aid. States also put different conditions on eligibility for hearing aid coverage. These conditions may include one or more of the following:

  • only the lowest income Medicaid beneficiaries receive coverage
  • coverage is only for those whose hearing loss is over a certain threshold
  • only partial payment is made
  • only certain types of hearing aids covered
  • restrictions on frequency of coverage.

Discuss with the doctor or clinic that has prescribed a hearing aid for you whether your state Medicaid program covers the hearing aids, and what the conditions are. You can also communicate with your state Medicaid program directly by contacting your local county social services agency. You can also find information about the coverage offered by your state Medicaid program by going to an Internet search engine and entering the name of your state and the search terms "Medicaid hearing aid coverage."