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How do you apply for the Cash for Caregiving program through...

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How do you apply for the Cash for Caregiving program through Medicaid? The one that allows a familiy member to care for their handicapped relative in that relative's home, so that they can still live in their own home?


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A Cash and Counseling or similar program is available in many states. It pays direct assistance to home-bound elders or others who have low incomes and few assets other than See also:
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their home. The payments can then be used to pay a family member, or other independent caregiver, for providing in-home care. The idea is to have the same money available to family or other caregivers that would otherwise be paid to a home care agency. In order to be eligible for a Cash and Counseling program, the elder or disabled person usually needs to qualify for Medicaid. But in some states, people with low incomes and few assets might qualify for Cash and Counseling even if they have slightly too much money to qualify for Medicaid under that state's Medicaid rules. For more information about who is eligible for these programs, and how the programs work, look at the article on this site How to Get Paid for Being Your Parent's Caregiver

To find out whether your state has a Cash and Counseling or similar program of direct payment for in-home care, and if so how to apply, contact your local Medicaid, human services, or social services office. To find the nearest Medicaid or other state office that handles in-home care programs, contact the Eldercare Locator online or by phone at 800-677-1116.


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In California, you apply through IN HOME SUPPORTIVE SERVICES in the County services. (Usually under adult protection). Though funds have been recently reduced, it is still a grea program.


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They have a website and a toll free number. I live in Florida which is covered under this program. Here is Florida the person has to be qualified and on Medicaid to apply for the program. I have called them several times and they were very helpful explaining how to apply and how it works. Follow the links in the expert's answer and you can get to http://www.cashandcounseling.org/


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does oragon have this program to get paid as your parents care giver ,and if they're buying they're own home, though one of the parents are now incapacitated


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Hi harminder, there's a lot of great info on how to apply on this very page! I hope that helps -- Emily