If my mother passes away before her Medicaid approval changes from "pending" to "approved", will they still for previously accrued nursing home expenses?

1 answer | Last updated: Nov 20, 2016
Jj55 asked...

My mother is currently "pending" Medicaid approval. She is currently in a nursing home. If she passes away before approval, will the approval process still move forward and will Medicaid cover her expenses (if approved) up to the time of death?

Expert Answers

Yes, once someone is approved for Medicaid coverage, that coverage may be retroactive not only back to the date of application but even to the three months prior to application. How far back the retroactive coverage goes, though, depends on during how much of that retroactive period the applicant would have been eligible for Medicaid. To learn more about the timing details of eligibility and enrollment, you can go to the federalĀ Department of Health and Human Services web page regarding Medicaid eligibility.