What documents does Medicaid ask for from an applicant?

A fellow caregiver asked...

What documents does Medicaid require to show level of income and assets to apply for assistance in the state of Washington?

Expert Answer

Medicaid is a government financial assistance program intended for certain people, including seniors, with low income and assets. Because Medicaid considers total income from any source and total assets of all types, it will ask you for almost every type of financial information. This includes your income of any sort, all your bank accounts, retirement funds, pensions, insurance, annuities, and any physical property such as vehicles. It also asks for information about anyone who regularly helps provide you with support, including food and housing.

Medicaid also asks about any transfer of funds, property or other assets you've made within the previous five years. This is to determine whether you've tried to 'hide' an asset or income by transferring it out of your name.

In your initial application, Medicaid doesn't necessarily ask you to provide documents that back up this information. But it can ask for such documents at any time in the application process. Also, it will have your Social Security number and has the legal authority to use it to check on your financial records. To see the form the State of Washington uses for Medicaid application, check the web site of the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services .