After my stroke, I lost my sense of taste. Will this change?

Julia estrada asked...

I lost my taste buds after my stroke. Will this change or is this a permanent disability?

Expert Answer

James Castle, M.D. is a neurologist at NorthShore University HealthSystem (affiliated with The University of Chicago) and an expert on strokes.

I have heard a few people tell me that they lost their sense of taste after a stroke. In general, I think of this as being similar to other deficits after a stroke. Gauging how much and how quickly an improvement will occur is very difficult.

In general, stroke symptoms improve over the 6 months following the stroke, then start to stabilize. However, the amount of improvement is very difficult to prognosticate. Much like a weatherman or an economist, as a stroke doctor, my forecast predictions are often "off-the-mark". What I can tell you is that, in general, the recovery usually progresses at a fairly steady state. If you feel like things are slowly improving, I would expect that to continue. If you have noticed no improvement, you should not loose all hope, but the expected improvement will likely be less, if at all.