Looking for letter written by husband about his wife who has Alzheimer's Disease

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B p asked...

A few years ago in a book dealing with AD at Barnes and Noble I came across a letter written by a man about his wife that had AD. It explained how he had grown to love her even more at that time and ended with him saying "even though she no longer knows my name, I'm all she has now that he can no longer defend herself." It is a very moving letter and I lost my copy of it and I'm sure other people in my situation would benefit from it. I believe the author is unknown. Perhaps someone in your audience has come across it and knows where I can get a copy. Thank you

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Rosar answered...

Hello B P,

I would encourage you to post your question to our Caring For a Spouse online support group. They may be familiar with the letter you are referencing. To post to the online support groups go to: https://www.caring.com/support-groups