What is the average life expectancy for a heart disease patient after a bypass surgery?

Badbonehealing asked...

After a "typical" bypass - with the person being in reasonable physical condition otherwise, is there an "average" life expectancy?  I am asking for a very good friend that I am concerned about.

Expert Answer

James Frank is Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the V.A. Medical Center in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to answer this question over the internet. Your friend's life expectancy depends on many different factors, including what type of bypass surgery she had and how old she was when she had the bypass. Depending on the type of bypass surgery, the grafts can stay open for many years, which may be longer than your friend would live normally. So for some people, bypass surgery might be a cure. Your friend's doctor will be able to discuss her prognosis with her.