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Is the treatment called IVIG (administered through IV) covered by Medicaid?

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Is the treatment called IVIG (administered through IV) covered by Medicaid?


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Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) is regularly used to treat many infections, inflammations, and immune system problems. If used for a medically-approved purpose, Medicaid can cover it. But the issue with Medicaid See also:
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and IVIG, as with Medicaid and any individual treatment, is whether the treatment is "medically necessary." In the case of IVIG, that means, is it approved as a treatment for the specific condition you have or is it an experimental use? Medicaid may also question whether another treatment is preferred over IVIG for treatment of your condition.

The only sure way to find out whether Medicaid will cover IVIG treatment in your case is to have your doctor -- the doctor who is actually prescribing the IVIG treatment -- request Medicaid approval before actually providing you with the treatment.