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Is Iodine Plus-2 safe?

36 answers | Last updated: Mar 14, 2015
An anonymous caregiver asked...

Iodine Plus-2 is produced by Natural Living Inc, Las Vegas, Nevada. It is to help your thyroid gland and alleviate fatigue and many symptoms of low thyroid levels. My doctor says I don't need thyroid medications. My endocrinologist says I do. I suffer from depression and take Pristig and Lorasipan and blood pressure medication. I'm very fatigued and don't accomplish much. Any answers as to the safety of this supplement?


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There are several thoughts that enter my mind when I read through your question. First, the thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone, which is important for regulating many functions in your See also:
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body. If your thyroid is not working well, and you don't secrete enough of this hormone, you can feel depressed, become fatigued, gain weight, and suffer from constipation. You mention that you have several of these symptoms now, so you may have a thyroid disorder.
Supplements will help fufilling your nutritional needs, but they cannot replace actual thyroid hormone. If your thyroid levels are low, only thyroid medication will work for that. Since you have seen a endocrinologist, who is an expert on these types of hormones, and they recommended starting thyroid medication, why not try it and see how it helps? If it doesn't help after a month or so, you can always stop it. Plus, I don't see where it would cause you any harm, especially if it is being given to you under a doctor's supervision.

Good luck.


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leighbdc answered...

Many doctors assume that if there's a lower thyroid hormone level indicated in blood tests that it is responsible for the fatigue. Therefore, they prescribe the medication. However, it is not always effective. In those cases, the lower thyroid hormone level is probably not the cause of the fatigue and other causes (and cures) need be pursued. I'm wondering why there's a discrepancy in your doctor's opinion versus that of the endocrinologist. Generally, your blood test would indicate the thyroid hormone deficiency. Most medical doctors would use that as the determining factor of the need to prescribe thyroid meds. If your doctor doesn't think it's necessary, perhaps your thyroid hormone level is borderline. In that case, the meds might, in fact, be unnecessary. Also, you didn't mention if it was your doctor who suggested the Iodine Plus-2. If so, he might have reason to believe that it's the iodine deficiency, not a hormone deficiency, that is the cause of your problem. Therefore, of course, your other option would be to try the iodine supplement first. If that didn't help, you could then go for the thyroid medication. I agree that it probably wouldn't hurt to try the medication, but if you do, discontinue it if you don't notice a difference (be sure to ask your endocrinologist what would be a reasonable amount of time for this to happen). Some doctors prescribe it and never "unprescribe" it. Unfortunately, there are doctors out there who don't account for normal variances in blood components and prescribe strictly by the book. Good luck!


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bikerhen answered...

In the case of a GP saying you do not need thyroid supplementation and an endocrinologist saying you do, go with the endocrinologist. An endocrinologist specializes in dealing with glandular disorders and your thyroid is a gland. If your GP prescribed the depression meds, they may not consider that your lower levels of thyroid medication may be contributing to (or a causing factor of) your depression. Sometimes the GP's have to pay so much attention to the whole body that things like thyroid levels are not high enough on their radar.

I have had thyroid problems for nearly 20 years now, and over the past 3 years have been on depression meds as well. Believe me, it takes some specialists sometimes, and the correlation between thyroid and brain function are very strong.....

Take care.


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wildlettuce answered...

I speak from experience as a low-thyroid patient for 58 years. I've been reading doctor's newsletters and books almost that long! There's an excellent book explaining that the only way to really know if you need thyroid meds is to check your early morning temperature before you move or get out of bed. If it is at or below 97.6 you need the actual med. Current blood tests are not conclusive because they do not measure the whole profile of thyroid fractions. I suggest searching the internet for more info. Best wishes! Yes, Iodine is absolutely essential.


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dgupton4 answered...

I am so thankful for all this good advice. I have all the symptoms mentioned and have been suffering with these problems for a year and a half. My diabetes Dr. doesn't seem to be too concerned that I have had to live like this for 1 1/2 yrs. There is an Endocrinologist in the group and I have been thinking about seeing him or trying the Iodine Plus-2 supplement that was mentioned. I'm not sure what to do. My Cardiologist was first to recognize the Thyroid condition and put me right in the hospital for thyroid tests. The TSH test #'s were higher than normal indicating low thyroid hormones (per the Dr). The diabetes Dr. started me on a small dose of Synthroid and Nuvigil to help with my sleepiness during the day. Since an on-the-job accident 11 yrs. ago I have been on anti-depressants and Ativan for panic attacks. I retired on disablity. I sleep about 20 hrs. a day and am constantly sluggish. I basically have no life except on my computer and rarely go outside. My sister buys groceries for me, picks up my meds,etc. My memory is so bad I can't remember what I did 10 mins. ago. I do things twice because I don't remember doing something the first time 10 or 15 mins. earlier. I am taking 23 meds a day(3 on an as needed basis). Some of the meds I take are to counter-act side effects of another med that I can't stop taking. I have had 33 operations, for various reasons, since I was 19 yrs. old, (not related to diabetes). I am 63 yrs. old. Every time I have a problem, they just add another pill to my plate. I was married a little over a year ago to the most wonderful woman I have ever met but it only lasted 5 months and 8 days. My wife couldn't handle my sleeping all the time plus the other problems I have. She had divorce papers served on me a few days ago. I really can't blame her. But the wedding vows did say through sickness and health and for better or worse. I know this was lengthy but thanks for a shoulder to cry on.


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Dr Doom N Gloom answered...

I had been taking Zoloft for 15 years for depression and was experiencing maigraine episodes about once a month. (Migraines and depression go hand-in-hand.) I started taking Iodine Plus-2 one year ago, and was able to get off the Zoloft shortly thereafter. When I ran out of the Iodine Plus-2 and failed to take it for two weeks, I suddenly got migraines again. Six months ago, I went on a two-week vacation and forgot to pack my Iodine Plus-2. Once again, my migraines started.

I attribute my relief from depression and migraines to my taking the following supplements: Fish oil (daily), Vitamin D3 (1000 IU daily), Iodine Plus-2 (every other day), and Sellenium (100 mcg every other day)

None of these supplements are expensive, and I strongly urge anyone with depression to start using thes supplements and see if they can then get off the seratonin uptake inhibitors.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

what the sellers of this product are doing is criminal. The upper allowable dose for iodine is 1.1mg and their pills contain 12.5mg, which is more than 10X the allowable dose. And as if that does not suffice they recommend doubling this toxic dose to more than 20X the allowable limits. They recommend autoimmune patients take up to 12 tablets a day - over 100X the toxic limit.

Iodine overdose has the same effects as iodine deficiency but they can be more severe. STAY AWAY from this product or similar! If you are using it for weight loss you will start gaining weight and your thyroid function will really get out of wack! And it can get REALLY, REALLY dangerous. If you want to improve your health and iodine intake, eat yogurt and drink milk. And for the lactose intolerant there is always seeweed (assuming you can tolerate MSG). You can always talk to a Dr about your thyroid concerns and ask for T4 and TSH tests. And have your Dr recommend PROPER medication. BEWARE of junk like this.

Vitamin D and selenium facilitate normal thyroid balance and omega 3's have wonderful results in brain function on their own. This may be why the Dr above may have experienced reduction in migraines. But if you take this product you are taking TOXIC LEVELS of a very potent mineral.

I would look into what kinds of action can be taken in the case of such irresponsible marketing.

Sincerely, Toxicology, Ph.D.


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roperswife answered...

I am on a high thyroid medication and been faithfully taking this higher dose the last two weeks and find myself dragging by the end of the day. I am usually skeptical about taking medications i have never heard of. I would like to try this. So this is safe to take without any side affects?


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Emily M. answered...

Hi roperswife, Thanks for your comment. I think the best thing to do in your situation would be to have a conversation with your doctor and see what the best treatment options are for you. Good luck -- Emily | Community Manager


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Steven Cuff answered...

The tests doctors use don't get to what's important. Taking the 1st level (1 a day) for at least a month before increasing to a 2nd level (2 a day) is totally safe. The Thyroid is of great worth. Let it get working for you.


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Suzy Q! answered...

In Oct 2001, I had two parathyroid glands removed and about one-third of my main thyroid gland also removed. Since then, my overall health plus a car accident in 2006 has been deteriorating at a rapid pace, plus having myotonic dystrophy. My GP, Endocrinologist, and Neurologist have done their best trying to help me have a better quality of life. Since about June of 2001, I was put on Xanax (for panic attacks) probably due to stress and being unable to sleep at night and Wellbutrin for depression. I am still currently on the same meds but I was still going downhill, (i.e., freezing feet, skin on my torso and hands being red hot, profuse sweating making summer living almost intolerable [not to be confused with night sweats], etc.). I'm leaving a lot out due to being too wordy already.

I started taking Iodine Plus2 a few months ago, one in the morning and one at night. I immediately experience a tremendous change in not sweating, the heat on my torso, hands, and neck also started to lower. As of three days ago, I started taking one at noon time and it finally has stopped my skin from feeling hot at night while trying to get to sleep. I have had this problem for years and 'finally!' I am feeling comfortable and have way more energy than I have had in the last 10 years. I am hoping that I will be able to stop the Wellbutrin and Xanax slowly, but if not hopefully be able to reduce the amount I take.

I am on a full supplemental regimen for vitamins and minerals. I only eat plant based foods, no eggs or dairy. I try to eat whole foods, more raw than processed. I have a very low cholesterol reading and two weeks ago my blood pressure was 100/65. I will be 57 in the next couple of months.

Everyone is different, and I do have doctors monitoring me very frequently. I can't recommend iodine for everyone but I suspect that a lot of people aren't getting enough iodine through what they are eating. At some point in time, I will probably start to back off the iodine and see where that takes me. I think there are also a lot of people that really do have chemical imbalances, but diet and exercise are so important, and there is still much ignorance as what kinds of food and injurious to the body, and most people don't want to hear it because it will cramp their lifestyle. It's sad because so much poor health, especially heart and high blood pressure problems can be avoided with the fork. Unfortunately, 95% of practicing physicians and the AMA don't think much of preventive medicine.


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Felicity answered...

I chose to try Iodine Plus-2 over going to the doctor. I had long suspected my thyroid but my doctor never picked up that as an issue. I am only about 20lbs over weight right now but I gained that in the last two years. I had virtually every symptom on Natural Living's list. I don't like pharmaceuticals, would see my homeopath if I could still afford the $190/hr, and my health insurance doesn't cover enough so I always have big out of pocket expenses, so this is a low cost experiment for me. I am almost 53 and peri-menopausal.

I started with one a day for a month per the directions, went to two, and am now on three. It has been 4 months since I started. I have not lost much weight but I am suddenly able to do what I have known for years I need to do: give up sugar. I am on day 3 of that regimen and I feel confident that since it is not a diet but a lifestyle change, it will stick. I am much clearer headed and have been getting so much more done. I am warmer and sleep less. I am able to be more productive for longer periods of time. Even if the ridges on my finger nails don't go away, I am thrilled. The changes have been very subtle so I doubt the placebo effect could be responsible. I am best able to see the changes in hindsight. Look, I am filling out these forms before they are late. I am cooking real food instead of relying on easy things. I am remembering to take the list to the store. I am doing things without procrastinating until they HAVE to be done. I waste a lot less time. Sounds simple but it has been years of the old way and these changes are wonderful.

Doctors have a bias against supplements as that is not their training and the steady stream of pharmaceutical sales people keep their products in their faces. My understanding is also that the body sheds unneeded iodine. And I will be way ahead of the game if we ever have a nuclear disaster.


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sixpakmom answered...

For all the Nay-sayers above: don't knock it till you've tried it. Over the course of 3 years I lost my appetite yet gianed 30 lbs, lost all my energy, slept excessively, my hair started falling out, my skin dried up, I was constipated, was confused, forgetful, depressed, among many other symptoms. I went to several specialists, all who said I was just stressed and depressed. I had my thyroid checked which came back as normal-(normal for whom is my question!). A friend suggested Iodine Plus 2, and I researched it. I felt I certainly can't feel worse! I started on one a day for a month and noticed a slight, but definite upswing. I have been taking two a day for a year now and have lost 15 of the 30lbs, and my energy, hair, and all other issues are back to normal. I ran out and noticed I was losing energy after about two weeks. By the time I got the new order it was three weeks and I definitely noticed I was more confused and tired. I have had NO ill side effects and will continue taking this product. All my subsequent check-ups have been perfect, by the way!


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Felicity answered...

Update: I felt better for several months but then started to get hot surges and forgetful. I attributed these symptoms to menopause. I was going in for a pre-Alzheimer's battery of tests so I went off the Iodine+2 for a month before hand. All came back within the 'normal' range but my TSH numbers were low - indicating a very active thyroid, quite the opposite of the original issue. I had not magically lost any of the 20lbs I have added though. A friend had explained to me that TSH numbers alone are not sufficient information to make a diagnosis; they must be analyzed in conjunction with free T3s and T4s. I think that is where my test is telling and others with a normal thyroid should look as well.

Anyhow, if you do have low thyroid, I think Iodine +2 does increase it because those hot surges I experienced - many times a day - were pretty clearly caused by it. I was up to three a day so in a month, I plan to get another thyroid test and then maybe go back to 2 a day, the last point I felt clear but not a mess;-).


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I took the iodine plus 2. It made my thyroid worse. I now have a high level of antibodies>1000 as a result of taking the iodine plus 2. I did not want to take medication for my thyroid originally. I thought I could try the iodine plus and not have to take a prescription drug medication for my thyroid. I really sorry I took the iodine plus and encourage other users not to do so either.


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Felicity answered...

The new response above has persuaded me to add another update: After several months of no Iodine plus 2, I feel better than I did before I ever took any. The symptoms that were caused (at least I believe) by the Iodine plus 2 (I was taking 3X day at the end) cause me to believe I was showing symptoms of early Alzheimers and since my mother had old age onset Alzheimers, I arranged a screening which required a battery of tests to rule certain things out. Those tests show my thyroid was high normal (low number). An overactive thyroid can cause symptoms similar to Alzheimers (forgetfulness, etc). I spent $800 for tests that I only needed because I thought I had hypothyroidism and I took Iodine +2. An expensive lesson.


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ljmo answered...

Iodine Plus 2- I have been taking for about a year now. Originally because my symptoms are very similar to those possibly helped by the iodine. I did stop taking it for a while, my biggest difference was my mental state. I became more depressed and difficult to deal with. Also, a terrible stiffness in my knees and hips. I would like to know more about the dangers involved with this supplement.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I just began taking this product a week ago. Thyroid disease runs in my family and I've definitely had all the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism and have gained 15 pounds despite exercise and clean eating but I still do not want to start medication simply because they are not a cure.
Just wanted to address Felicity. My mom has been taking thyroid meds for 30 years and she is the one who bought the Iodine Plus 2 for me the idea being it's a therapeutic dose designed to heal your thyroid. I didn't think it was meant for long term usage? I only plan to take a bottle and see how I feel. Sort of for a thyroid jump start.


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HarperPeterson answered...

I have battled depression and anxiety for several years, I also had weight gain and crazy mood swings. I was diagnosed with PMDD. I did not want to go on birth control to fix these symptoms. I found Iodine Plus and I have been taking it for about 4 months now. I am up to 2 pills I take every night. The difference it has made for me personally are astronomical. I am not cured but I have had a drastic reduction in anxiety and depression - the mood swings are completely gone! I did not have to go on hormone pills! If given the choice between Iodine and hormone pills - thanks, I'll stick with the iodine!


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anitat answered...

for 'anonymous caregivers'.....other nations (which use alternative medicines rather than ama) have a significantly higher limit of iodine. In fact, in Japan they take up to THOUSANDS of times more than this. In america we think of iodine as a thyroid drug but the other "side effects" are significant and very positive. the incidence of breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease is significantly lower in countries which take much higher doses of iodine. In the US doctors say "oh don't be ridiculous" and go on about disfiguring women unnecessarily in order to treat a disease that is mostly preventable. But, I guess we all make a choice......


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Sharcare17 answered...

I have read reports on the research done by the Women's Institute for Health out of Sugarland, TX who endorse this product. I recommend each of you who have made comments on this, to read it as well. I am a Registered Nurse (bachelors degree) and have never had a low thyroid reading on any blood work I have ever had. I have suffered from abrupt, early onset of Menopause which rendered me without even one drop of menstral flow from day one(immediate post-menopause)but every concievable other side effect including day sweats as well as night, and thought- process problems, to the point I actually had to stop my education toward my RN and this was 18 years ago, (I had been practicing as a two-year AAS degree LPN for 6 years prior) because my husband was so blindsided & couldn't figure out my personality changes, he nearly left me! Since then I suffered from & was treated for depression for a few years, then that was the segue to severe panic attacks, for which I went to the ER, thinking I was having a heart attack. My family history has heart disease, so it intensified my fears. I have had a history of fibrocystic breasts since onset of my menses at age 13. ALL of these have literally gone away since taking Iodine Plus 2 and that has been 7 months. I fall asleep right away and my insomnia is gone, my heart rate went rom 85-110 down to 70's, my BP from 138/80's to my old usual of between 102/60 to 117/70 My educated guess and personal advice to all of you, is to research the need for iodine and the history of how it has been realized we are deficient. Apporximately 90% of us are. The tests do not reveal this when you go to your general practitioner and you should know that there is heavy debate on the amount you can take, but be assured, you CANNOT be allergic to iodine. It is in every single cell of your body! Intrigued? Read for yourself, I'm not asking you to believe me.You may appreciate books by Dr. Brownstein as well. He has written them on many problems of the thyroid and in general women's issues. I am not given to going to a male gynecologist, but I do respect the research, development and landmark discoveries that are documented by anyone who does reputable, good research and this gentleman has done that! And by the way.... I am an example of increased monthly dosing to where I am now at taking 5 of the 12.5mg tabs EVERY day. When I got to 4, I went for two months on it to see if I could see the effects. If you glean anything from this information: remember, the Thyroid is EXTREMELY S L O W and the effects of this supplement will take TIME. Be patient. It may be worth your wait, it was for me! Good luck & good Health! :)


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canlastc answered...

I opted to stop taking Synthroid and started on Iodine Plus-2 because Synthroid was causing extreme hair loss and I was only on 0.05 dosage. However, my thyroid problem according to my doctor was mild. I've been on Iodine Plus-2 for about two weeks now. I can tell a difference. I'm feeling more relaxed but not fatigued and my over all mood is changing for the better. I do feel more alert and able to concentrate. My hair is not falling out. Only time will tell is this is the right product for me.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I take Iodine plus 2 every day (two tabs), and its been nothing short of amazing! I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, and fibrocystic disease, and my doctor prescribed thyroxine (100 mg daily). I had dozens of painful cysts in my breasts, and every month, i had to endure painful swollen breasts, and the cysts would flare up as well. So, I researched a natural remedy that could help me, and found Iodine plus 2! thank goodness I did. I was only in my mid 40's, and didnt wish to suffer fibrocystic disease, or fatigue for the remainder of my days.. I took the iodine for only about 3 weeks, and noticed all my cysts had vanished.. all organs in the human body require iodine, there are several heavy metals that we are subjected to, either through diet and or pollution that remove iodine, therefore rendering the majority of people are iodine deficient. therefore I dont believe one could actually overdose on iodine. I thank god that I found this natural remedy, and I will take it til I check out. I will also be advocating this product to anyone who I feel would benefit from it. including my own family. Selenium is also a very good anti cancer mineral that is necessary for protection, and this is another mineral sadly lacking in our soils, through farming and chemical applications.. iodine was always put in our bread, in the early 50's and 60's, but was replaced with bromine, which is toxic. since this bromine was introduced, the incidence of thyroid deficiencies has increased dramatically. need I say more.

best wishes to you all, and well done for taking charge of your own medical well being. Doctors are taught to promote big pharma products, to the detriment of human safety and wellbeing. there are more problems created by ingesting pharmacy drugs, than ever seen before. I also know that someday soon, all natural remedies will be outlawed, so stock up while you can. they will eventually ban all these and we will be forced to take the drugs that keep us sick.


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Felicity answered...

Update to the update to the update (Felicity). It has been a year since my iodine +2 adventure and my symptoms of foggy brain, bad memory, narcolepsy, and irritability are back. This time a friend recommend I read 'Thyroid, Mind, Power' by Dr. Richard Shames (sounds like 'shamen' with an 's'). She explained the thyroid as being the accelerator pedal of the body. Anyhow, I ordered the much more extensive test and voila! I am definitely a low thyroid person. If we tend that way through our lives, menopause just pushes us straight into trouble where many of the 'side effects' of menopause are really low thyroid issues. I am taking some thyroid things Dr. Shames recommended during our conference call. It is likely that iodine +2 did help me and it unsticks the accelerator but too much sticks it the other way and long term use...? I am currently on natural meds but if symptoms persists after a month or two, I will seek help from the medical (read: pharma) profession. Thyroid issues are rampant so if you suspect it, get some help.


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seeks good health answered...

Well, I just read all of the responses after I ordered the Iodine Plus 2, and I have to say I'm a little scared about how it could possibly affect my thyroid. But, at the same time am very desperate to try anything, I have complained to my dr. about my extreme tiredness and lack of will to do anything. I had my thyroid checked 3 times and it always comes back normal. I had my 3rd child 8yrs. ago when I was 30 and all my problems started during that pregnancy and has not gone away. Always tired, moody, can not lose the wait no matter how much I exercise and eat right, I am at the end of my rope. I'm tired of feeling tired all the time and no motivation for anything, not only am I suffering but my kids as well. I have tried so many other supplements with no change, I am willing to try anything. I haven't received my order yet but I can't wait to see if it will work for me. Will send an update.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I would like to try this but am leery. I take synthroid and my doctor said my hair falling out and weight is just a side affect and I should basically just accept it. I am not happy tho so should I try this and if so, how should I start it.


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Aussiegirl answered...

Hi I've been taking Iodine2 for about 18months and i have found it fantastic no more foggy days and I have lost weight and gotten off the lounge so don't let people put you off just give it ago. I have just added some D3 different brand but that has helped shake off the down days and given me stacks of energy. Good luck.


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Jeff Moden answered...

To the anonymous caregiver that stated...


"what the sellers of this product are doing is criminal. The upper allowable dose for iodine is 1.1mg and their pills contain 12.5mg, which is more than 10X the allowable dose. And as if that does not suffice they recommend doubling this toxic dose to more than 20X the allowable limits. They recommend autoimmune patients take up to 12 tablets a day - over 100X the toxic limit."


I'm not trying to be a smart guy here. I'm just trying to discover the truth. With that in mind, I have to ask ...

Since the CDC and the FDA have both recommended dosages for Potassium Iodide (KI) up to 130 mg per day for nuclear emergencies, I'd like to know what your sources are that claim that 1.1 mg is considered to be a maximum safe level (max allowable dose as you called it) and that 15 mg per day is considered to be a toxic level.

My reference for the 130 mg per day recommendation is http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Guidances/UCM080542.pdf


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Erica Brown RScP answered...

For more decades than I care to remember, I have had symptoms related to thyroid dysfunction - but blood tests always came back 'within acceptable limits' ! They may have been acceptable to lab tests, but not to my own body. No matter what I did, what new therapy I tried or how much 'positive thinking' I did, if I had any benefit at all it plateau'ed very quickly. When I came across a website with some 100 symptoms of thyroid dysfunction and was positive to over 80 of them, I decided to take maters into my own hands, and sent off for the Iodine-2 tablets. A couple of weeks after I started taking them, I began to notice I was starting to feel better, less affected by all the symptoms that had been affecting me for years. I therefore re-ordered, just take one or another half a day, and feel consistently better than I did before, and after some 6 months have not experienced any plateau'ing effect! In my mid-60s, I am now starting to accomplish things most people do in their 20s and 30s!


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I have only been on Iodine Plus2 for a few weeks, one tablet, but my dry cracked bleeding heels are completely healed. I have been dealing with dry, cracking heels for many years and get pedicures regularly to remove the build up. I have slept with heel repair oils and socks and all the other recommendations, so imagine my surprise when the Iodine Plus2 healed them right away! No other effects so far on relieving tiredness or weight gain....will continue the experiment. By the way my natural path and my MD doctor tell both me I have normal thyroid, but low adrenal function which I take a supplement for.


hopefulinTX answered...

I found a site by accident that had a list of what I have been living with for years. It explained away my exhaustion with too much sleep, I have been accused of having an "off switch" in my ass because I fall asleep soon after sitting down, no matter where I am, my 60 pound weight gain in less than a year, depression I have to hide because I don't have time for it, my nails have been brittle for years, my hair is long but dries out quickly, the ankle swelling has been the worst hell, I could go on. I turned 50 last year and these symptoms have been around since my teens. I have had tests done but the doctors says the levels are acceptable because my blood pressure is low, my attitude is good and my hair is thick. My family history suggests I may have hypothyroidism, but of course, the doctors say I am not at risk. Ok, I have just taken my first tablet of the Plus-2 and I am hopeful. I don't eat a lot so I am not sure how this is going to work. My question is will I lose any of this weight? I maintain a busy life because of the necessity of work. I drive for a living, but manage to get on the treadmill a few times a week. This really hasn't helped. I don't know what else to do, so again I am hopeful but the question remains. Aside from the comments on how Plus 2 will help with the energy level and most of the other things, no one has mentioned how to get rid of the weight.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

The biggest problem for those of us living with Thyroid issues is that medical schools no longer teach the doctors all of what they need to know to detect a "low" thyroid problem. Even if the rely only on the TSH test, there are different ranges/levels in play, so which one is "right"?

In 1991 my doctor did a thyroid test and the results showed that I had a pretty bad problem. He prescribed a T4 only medication. Followup appointments showed the lab results getting better, but there was no improvement in how i felt. In 1998, I persuaded my doctor to give me a one-month trial of "natural" thyroid replacement. Within a couple of weeks, I no longer needed an antidepressant. My psychiatrist was the doctor who had contacted my doctor to encourage him to make the change in Thyroid medications. I am forever in his debt.

As for the weight problems, I still have them, but have also found out that there are some things that aren't all that good for anyone, but are worse for those with a Thyroid problem. Gluten is a problem. Excessive sodium is another problem. Soy-based products are really not good and interfere with the Thyroid's function.

For those who live a sedentary lifestyle, there is a need to increase physical activity, but it is not a matter of spending hours in fitness training. It only means being more active and not planting one's self in front of the TV or computer. If we only did today what our parents did before all of the TV and computer stuff entered our lives, we would be looking better and feeling a whole lot better. If the Thyroid is to blame, it is not the only cause of being overweight.

I have found that, overall, eating less is better, but there were other considerations. Breakfast is a must and the better "rounded" the breakfast is, the more I benefit. Lunch is a necessary meal -- especially if you want some energy for the second part of your day. If any meal could be reduced, for me, it would be dinner. While protein is a portion of the meal, it is not all there is to eating well.

Cut back and cut out the junk food and begin eating healthy foods. Do NOT rely on "Diet" foods for nutrition or for reduced calories because they contain more sodium than is needed. Reduce the portion size of pasta and potatoes. Increase the portion size of vegaatables. Eat earlier in the evening. Grill your foods to avoid having to use extra fats. Stop using anything but olive oil. If you are in the habit of drinking soda, then you need to read the labels! There is nothing in there that is helpful and most of it is fattening.

My cholesterol is normal now because I am taking Armour Thyroid (by prescription). At age 68, I have no signs of osteoporosis. My hair and nails are no longer dry and my skin is smooth.

There are three basic tests for Thyroid: Ultra-sensitive TSH, Free T3 and Free T4. If your doctor is not ordering those, then you need to insist that they be done. If the tests show that you do need Thyroid medication, insist on taking a combination T3/T4 medication. The pharmaceutical industry likes to us artificial things, but our bodies are not artificial and while the numbers on the lab tests may change, it is how you are feeling on any medication that really counts. If your doctor cannot understand that, then change doctors.

Sometimes, despite everything you do, you do need some help. If a supplement can help, then talk to your doctor about it before using it. Why? Because you and your doctor need to know about any possible counter-indications. That is especially true if you are taking any prescribed medications and other supplements.

I will be trying Iodine Plus 2 for a month. If I do not notice a difference in how I feel, I will stop it for a month and see if there is any difference in how I feel without it. Why? Because sometimes the differences arrive so slowly that we just do not notice them, but we do notice the changes when we stop something.

I am already using the usual supplements and have been for years. I feel "okay". I want to feel just a bit better than "okay".


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Mac grath answered...

Hi I've been taking iodine plus 2 [supplementclinic.com] for about 18months and i have found it fantastic no more foggy days and I have lost weight and gotten off the lounge so don't let people put you off just give it ago. I have just added some D3 different brand but that has helped shake off the down days and given me stacks of energy. Good luck.


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Western Australia answered...

I totally agree with Toxicology PHD that Iodine supplementation is criminal.. The thyroid gland is a very finely tuned organ and if there is nothing wrong with it, then leave it alone. If there is a problem, see an endocrinologist, but first at least have a thyroid scan which your GP should order for you. Do not use these pills, they are dangerous. I KNOW FIRST HAND. I started taking them when the company advertised they helped fatigue, memory fog etc. When I first started taking them, initially one tablet, then two tablets every day I thought they were helping me - but now I believe that was mind over matter - a psychological response. Now, after taking them for two years, I have started to feel very, very unwell. Heart pounding, high pulse rate, extremely hot, sweating, itchy shins, very gritty eyes, fatigued and the list goes on. After the doctor ordered blood tests, he has found I HAVE HYPERTHYROIDISM. Most probably caused by taking the two iodine tablets for two years when I never had a problem with my thyroid, and I was just following instructions from the company to take them to keep the thyroid healthy. Yeah, what a dangerous joke. Now I am to be tested this week for GRAVES disease,which is very nasty and this would also explain why my eyes have been feeling like someone threw sand in them. I initially thought my eyes were red and gritty because of the pollen count in the air may have been high, and no matter how many times I washed them or used drops, they never improved and now I know it is because the problem was coming from within - not externally. I feel like suing the company and I am going to get legal advice because I believe 100% that these poisonous tablets have precipitated the hyperthyroidism which I have just been diagnosed with.


Jeff Moden answered...

I did another search and found my own answer to the questions I previously asked on this thread and got no answer for. The 1.1 mg limit is spot on and can be found in the following very complete article on the intake of Iodine. Here it is so that others don't need to look for it. And, yeah.. I agree now that I've found this. Taking nearly 24 times the UL of Iodine by taking these pills should NOT be done without talking with a doctor and having the correct tests done first. I realize they tend to be a bit conservative but 24X over the UL is a bit much. This stuff isn't Vitamin C or B12.


As a bit of a side bar, I may have to hit a couple of my friends in the head. They say they're allergic to Iodine and can't eat shrimp or shellfish as a result. Yet baked cod contains almost 3 times the amount of Iodine as shrimp does and my friends chow down on baked cod. Unless it's a different kind of Iodine (and there are many), my friends are full of hooie.


Western Australia answered...

Yes Jeff Moden, 1.1mg is correct and I had been taking 24 times that amount in 2x25mg tablets as suggested by Natural Living Products in Las Vegas for at least two years. So, I was taking 50mg a day and even my thyroid blood tests were coming back within the normal range, until six weeks ago, and then out of the blue they came back very abnormal. Now Im trying to save my thyroid. My suggestion to anyone taking thyroid tablets, is, if you don't have a thyroid problem don't touch them. Treat them as poison. I'm going for a Thyroid Scan today to see what damage has been done.