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Is Flonase vs Nasonex more effective?

4 answers | Last updated: Oct 14, 2015
VampEwst asked...

Is Flonase vs Nasonex more effective?


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TJaco78 answered...

Flonase and Nasonex are both medications used to treat sinus congestion. They are mainly taken by people who have seasonal allergies and other nasal issues. Nasonex is usually considered more See also:
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effective when compared to Flonase in studies. This is because one of the top side effects of Flonase is the drug being ineffective for patients. Nasonex does not have ineffectiveness as one of its side effects. The two medications are very similar because they are both corticosteroids and they both can be addictive as well. Flonase is available in generic form, which means that it is usually cheaper then a prescription for Nasonex. The treatment is similar as well and many patients will try one nasal spray for a while and then try another if the first is ineffective.


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jason6311 answered...

As a long-time allergy sufferer, I can share: Flonase is not just "usually cheaper", it is massively cheaper, on the order of $20 for generic Flonase and $150 for Nasonex. If you are on an insurance plan such as an HSP, or are not insured, ask your doctor about generic Flonase first (even insist if necessary).


MikeP64 answered...

Yes, much cheaper but as someone who has used both long term Nasonex is heads and tails above Flonase in effectiveness. If your insurance covers it for close to the same price always go with the nasonex.


ljfantastic answered...

I am one of those for whom Flonase does not work and I manage to get thrush every time I try it. Nasonex works for me and does not give me thrush.
Apparently, there is a shortage at point of manufacture. I'm trying to figure out what to use besides Flonase.