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Are there ID bracelets for Alzheimer's?

10 answers | Last updated: Apr 02, 2015
An anonymous caregiver asked...

Is there a website where you can buy ID bracelets for wandering Alzheimer's patients? If found, could someone wearing such a bracelet be identified as an Alzheimer's patient with contact information?


Paula Spencer Scott, contributing editor, is the author of Surviving Alzheimer's. A Met Life Foundation Journalists in Aging fellow, she writes extensively about health...
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Paula Spencer Scott answered...

Yes. The Alzheimer's Association has partnered with the MedicAlert Foundation to offer the MedicAlert + Safe Return program. The bracelet (or pendant) identifies the wearer's medical conditions (such as being memory impaired) and has a toll-free emergency-response number.



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An anonymous caregiver answered...

Check the following bracelet product



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Mommers Pal answered...

Here is a follow up question, AA recommends Medic Alert on their website, but this is a ongoing subscription why not just get a bracelet with my tele#'s. And be done with it.


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Ann2323 answered...

Metal ID Bracelet that your told to super glue to lock into place. This is AARP's answers! Come on. Glad I found the Soft plastic one from Never Lost. Now that is one I want my mom to have. AARP's is in a drawer were it belongs.



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Tired in Alabama answered...

I heard about the soft ID Bracelet from a man who has his wife at the same day care that my husband is at. Just on line tring to find it. He loves it, and Ruth doesn't seem to mind it.

$70 for the Alzheimer's Associations bracelet seems really high priced. The Soft ID Bracelet is $20 from Never Lost ID. Plus I can put Jack's name and info right on it.


Concerned-Caregiver answered...

The Alzheimer's Association MedicAlert Safe Return ID bracelet comes with a live 24/7 emergency repsonse and caregiver notification service. The service also inlcudes storing and managing your loved one's medical history which is very importnat in emergencies. They offer the Advance Directives at no extar charge. They also offer live 24/7 care consulting for caregivers. So, bottomline this is a great service.


simplyremembered answered...

QR Codes for Life provides discreet emergency identification as well as a geolocating service which can be triggered if the person has wandered away. The code which can be worn as a zipper pull, shoe slider, hat attachment or bracelet is easily scanned with a free smart phone app which first responders are now carrying. The code leads to a page which can feature a photo, medical information, emergency contact info or any other vital information. http://www.qrcodesforlife.com


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

Many people wonder when they should have medical jewelry and whether or not they need one in the first place. I really like www.n-styleid.com, they're affordable and look very nice! they also have necklaces too!