Can exercise improve ejection fraction?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

Can exercise improve ejection fraction? My mother-in-law has had heart failure and coronary artery disease for many years. She had bypass surgery six weeks ago, and her ejection fraction (EF) is now 10 percent -- what it was before surgery. She'll begin a cardiac rehabilitation program in two weeks, for three days a week. Will that help raise her EF? Right now she can only walk about half a block, once a day. Should we encourage more exercise for improving ejection fraction?

Expert Answers

Barry M. Massie is chief of cardiology at the San Francisco V.A. Medical Center.

Cardiac rehabilitation may not play a major role in raising your mother-in-law's EF, but it should improve her quality of life and her ability to be active. EF is a helpful marker for physicians, but it isn't the be-all and end-all of rehabilitation. Some patients feel good and remain active in spite of having a low EF. The real goal is to improve your mother-in-law's health and quality of life.

That said, your mother-in-law's EF may rise over the next few months as a result of the surgery, which should improve blood flow to her heart. Her return to activity should be gradual, so it's helpful to have the close follow-up that's available in a cardiac rehabilitation program. The program will also provide emotional support and patient education. Three days a week is a good start, and her doctor will provide recommendations for appropriate levels of activity at other times.

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Jme3850 answered...

Recently, there was an article in vitasearch where 53 patients with heart problems took pycnogenol along with CoQ10 for 12 weeks and it resulted in a 22.4% increase in their ejection fractions, along with other benefits.

Air commodor dr hsr answered...

I am a Sr Consultant Cardiac Rehabilitation at Life Center Apollo Hospital Hyderabad.Me & my time condition Post CABG,Post Valve Replaced , Post Angioplasty cases, Patients with Systolic/Diastolic Dysfunction with preserved/low ejection , ICD/Pace Maker Implanted patients,HF/Cardiomyopathy, Angina etc Even patients with 30% EF improves but gradually EF is very rigid in increasing. Lot of others benefits patient gets . He gets conditioned to sustain at low ejection fraction , with medication.

Soccer22 answered...

Exercise helped me go from EF of 25% to EFof 50% from 2012 to 2015. I started with water aerobics and this last year more consistent with treadmill 30 min 3-4x per week. Along with carvedilol, diuretics, losartan, COQ10,L carnitine, gemifibrizil, zetia, and pycogenol.

Jdi answered...

I was diagnosed with 26% injection fraction 1.5 year ago (had 45 +/- 15 yrs ago with no following treatment)- Beside usual heart protection medications prescribed to me I followed Dr Sinatra's site advice and took 300 mg of CoEnzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) + 1500 mg of L-Carnitine and D-Ribose divide in 3 doses each day + 30 mns/dayLol of light exercise. Was checked for my EF last month which showed 46% ! My heart Dr told me it was because of my meds... LOL