How can I get paid for caregiving?

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Julie gr mi asked...

My mom has stage 4 breast cancer with metastases to her bones, brain, adrenal glands and liver. She can get around the house okay on her own but can't do much cooking, cleaning, etc. She can't drive at all. I can't afford to quit my job and me working 40 hours a week and coming home and helping her only gets me about 6 hours of sleep a night if I'm lucky. I'm getting burned out. Is there any way I could get paid for caregiving? She refuses to let us hire anyone, so can I get paid to aid my parent?

Expert Answers

You have a few options if you want to be paid as your mother's official caregiver, but unfortunately none of them will offer you much money or a realistic alternative to your current full-time job.

In some cases, if your mother is on Medicaid, she can designate you as her personal home care aide and you can get paid a small amount through Medicaid. If your mother has her own resources, you can draw up a contract agreeing to work as her home health aide and she can pay you a salary that you both agree upon. Going this route can also help alleviate tension between siblings in cases where one family member is doing the brunt of the work.

If you can show that you pay at least half of your mother's yearly expenses, you can claim her as a dependant on your taxes, and reduce your taxable income by $3,300 and claim a range of deductions including a portion of your parent's medical and living expenses, as well as the costs of nursing home care.

Some large employers offer elder care assistance with their benefit plans, so check with your employer to see if this is something they offer. Also, you can go to to see if there are any local or state grants or programs that may reimburse you for some of the expenses of caregiving.

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Mill valley dad answered...

Here's an article that might be helpful.

[How to Get Paid for Being a Family Caregiver] (

Merriabailey@yahoo.c answered...

I have had to leave 4 jobs in 2 years to care for my mother,recently i left my last job in october 2010,to move her in w/me after my savings were gone we moved to her old house which needs work but we stay here.i've tried social security office for help they say they don't help w/care for mom,DHR sent me to another place they sent me back to social security i gave up trying for help and just use my unemployment and her social security she wears Depends and they are expensive Medicaid does not help. iF YOU KNOW OF SOME AGENCY THAT CAN HELP...i wish i knew of a answer to help, hope this question gets out her to help all children caring for their Parents, I NEED HELP...

Emily m. answered...

Hi Merriabailey­,

Thank you for your question. We have great information on how to be a caregiver on the article that Mill Valley Dad shared. Here's the link to it again: How to Get Paid for Being a Family Caregiver.

In addition, I also suggest that you contact your local Area Agency on Aging for more information. You can search for one in your area here.

I hope that helps!

Take care, Emily | Community Manager

Bolistic4 answered...

when i inquired about in home care for my son, I wanted to be his caregiver. I called social services, and department on ageing. when i askes medicaid what would i have to do to get paid for being my sons caregiver the medicaid workers did not no what to tell me. I called dc to a health care agency they said that the government gives nc money for the programs in medicaid.

Trishb answered...

Medicaid does pay for Attends if you use a Durable Medical Equipment company and have a prescription from your doctor with a qualifying diagnosis. There is also a mail in comapny that sends them directly to your home. Same applies. Need Medicaid number and script.

Needyonegoj answered...

if you are eligible for medicaid active style will pay for depends and they will ship to your door. check with LOA they have valonteers to