I want to know how to become certifed for home health care for my mother?

A fellow caregiver asked...

Can I take classes to become certified for home health care, but only for my mother? I can see the changes in my mother and I want to be prepared for the future. She is 83 years old and I woudl be willing to quit my job and take care of her if need be. But, I also need to be financially secure.

Expert Answer

You ask an excellent question, and one that's on the minds of many. So much so that many states have "family caregiver"programs for Medicaid recipients (the government health plan for people who are low income or disabled). If your parent is Medicaid eligible this may be an option for you. You'll need to check with the local agency that handles Medicaid (In California it's called Medical), which is usually the county. These programs handle training and all of the employment paperwork. They also set the salary, which often isn't high, but must be at least minimum wage. The details of these programs vary state by state.

If your mother isn't Medicaid eligible, and you feel you need extra training to care for her, check out courses at your local community college. They usually offer a variety of certificate programs for medical assistants and nursing aides. Private schools offer the same training. (Check on-line with the name of your town and the terms "medical assistant training" or "health aide training." You'll need to talk to individual schools about program lengths, and financial aid or student loan programs.

You are showing a wonderful combination of practical planning and caring. I hope you find an option that works for you and for your mom.