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How do I become a paid caregiver for my own family?

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mandajoy77 asked...

I read the section on "getting paid to be own family caregiver." My father died two months ago. My mother has stage 3 cancer right now and just had a mastectomy but it has spread to other parts of body. She is also obese and diabetic. I am a healthcare worker myself. I just quit my job to take care of her. I live in Missouri. I dont think she will quailfy for Medicaid because she is receiving dad's Social Security. She is also on Medicare. She does quailify for a caregiver -- how do I become that caregiver that gets paid?


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Joseph L. Matthews answered...

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Whether you can get paid to be her caregiver depends on what program, either Medicaid or other state program, is available in the state where you live. Cash and Counseling or similar programs in many states can provide regular payment to family caregivers even if the person being cared for would not otherwise qualify for Medicaid. If your mother’s only income is from Social Security, and she has no significant assets, it is very likely that she would qualify for any direct cash payment caregiver program in your state, particularly because of the medical costs she has related to her various serious medical conditions. Since it is likely that she would qualify despite the Social Security payments she gets, you should definitely help your mother apply for Medicaid and any other cash and counseling-type program available in your state. You can apply for your state Medicaid or other cash assistance program at your local Medicaid office. To find the local Medicaid office near you, contact the Eldercare Locator on the web at www.eldercare.gov or by phone toll-free at 800-677-1116.


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mamoros answered...

Another possibility exists, if either of your parents qualify. There is a program offered through the Veterans' Administration for veterans and their spouses (whether the eligible veteran is living or not) - IF the veteran qualifies. An eligible veteran may qualify for Pension if s/he served at least one day during a declared war (regardless of whether or not s/he served in combat). An additional "Aid and Attendance" benefit is available if the veteran is disabled or needs custodial care, and children can be compensated to provide bonafide care to the veteran. Consult your local VA office for more information. However, beware - many local offices do not provide much information for this benefit - be sure to dig for the facts.


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gereleneowens answered...

My mother has alzheimers,dementia and her health is decreasing little by little she doesn't want to go in a nursing home nor do we want to put her in one. I've have two brother's that stays with her but their not in good health themselves. I'm the only one whose take care of them financial. Try to see if there some type of grant to help support her with she stays in Denmark,Tennessee, and I stay in Jackson, Tennessee.


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doradampier answered...

my daugther is 15 she has all kinds of health problems i had to stop working to take care of all the time. and some time i need that extra money i made at work what can i do can you tell me please. thank you for your time dora


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tetter answered...

My husband has COPD & I would like to be paid to care for him when he becomes more disabled. I live in Maryland. Who would I contact?


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JBA answered...

The VA option is a nightmare..... we have been doing this paperwork since June of this year, and still haven't accomplished anything!


georgettew9 answered...

my in laws are to be moving downstairs suite. he is 83 with heart reasons and mom she is 74 she has dementia and parkensons.I'm going to be their caregiver.but how do i get this going on getting paid from the government. i live in Abbotsford B.C. Canada.he isn't a veteran.so how do they qualify for me being a caregiver. the rest of the family doesn't care one way or another they want to put them in a rest home we don't feel this way.please help me out. thankyou.k9smartdog@hotmail.com 604-589-6094 .


Monica1217 answered...

I am in a similar situation; my youngest son was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 2 years ago. He had been doing fairly well for about 6 months, now after the last episode and hospital stay he needs supervision. I had been working full time until this month. My mother,who is 70 and uses a walker lives here with us. They both receive social security and the medical card. I am a state-tested nurse's assistant who is trying to figure out if there is anyway that I could be paid to take care of them. I have been trying to go independent as a care provider since February of 2010. We live in Ohio and according to people I have talked with said my son would have to be waivered approved. They also said my mother would have to go through an agency. Basically I help her with transportation, shopping, and other things. She lives in a cottage here on our property. I went to the county board to discuss this matter, they informed me that "he would have to have some sort of physical impairment like ADHD." I had thought that ADHD was a mental issue. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Thank you, Monica


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Emari answered...

The Department of Human Services Department of Rehabilitation Srvices can assist if there is a disability and the patient is under 65 years old. They do an assessment to see what needs are needed to provide Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and how many hours are needed to have a home care giver if it is for feeding, bathing, or maybe just laundry, then approve a certain number of hours at a minimum wage by state. Then there is a time sheet turned in and the state pays them for the approved hours. At least this is in Illinois. I worked for DHS. You can call and ask for an assessment after applying for disability.