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How much does the Humira pen cost?

11 answers | Last updated: Nov 10, 2015
waverider asked...

How much does the Humira pen cost?


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TiaK60 answered...

Without any insurance, you would end up paying around $100 to $200 for the Humira pen. With insurance, the price can decrease significantly depending on the type of coverage you have and how much your insurance company covers. When you run out, you can get your prescription for this replaced, you just have to make sure you don't overdose on the product. The price will remain the same as long as you don't have to replace the product too often, then the price can start to really add up with time. The average paid per month will differ from person to person.


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Lotus53 answered...

I use Humira; without insurance the cost runs between $1800 and $2400 for the month (2 doses). Contact the drug company online - in the past payment assistance has been available.


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EddieBrooks answered...

The cost of each pen is $873.00 which includes the discount we get with Blue Cross / Blue Shield. We are on the hook for the first $7450.00 due to a large deductible on our policy. Add roughly $1100.0 per month in premiums we are out over $20,000.00 per year for medical alone. One third of our salary. Seeing some people complain about a $35.00 Co-Pay really does nothing for me.


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new user answered...

$100 to $200 without insurance? What planet are you buying Humira from? Under PBS - Goverment approved as it is not covered by insurance and in Australia as yet, it costs $35.40 for a month ( 2 x pens) otherwise not under any government approval it will cost you around $2000 a month... but to get it approved so that you can get it at that cheaper rate there is a whole criteria that you have to meet


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Bondie1266 answered...

Please check out www.myhumira.com. My daughter started taking Humira a few months ago for rheumatoid arthritis. We were going to be paying $484 per month (2-40mg pens) with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. A friend told us about this site. Our cost is now $5 per month. Without giving more than basic information (name, address, pen/syringe preference) we were issued a temporary card to print out and take to the pharmacy. In about 5 days, our permanent card came in the mail. Please do yourselves a favor and check out this site. It took a few phone calls and a headache or two before I got it all settled, but it was well-worth the effort.


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New2Humira answered...

I just started on Humira for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and received the starter kit with four pens. Thank God I had insurance! My insurance paid $5,053.71 for the order. That makes the total on each pen $1,263.42. My total cost for the entire order was $5.


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Qwik answered...

Totally free if you call them and tell them you can't afford it! I've been getting it over a year now. They will send you the information and what's required to get it. Pay stub, taxes, utility bill etc.


Unhappy RA patient answered...

I have Medicare and a prescription drug plan. I just paid a co-pay amount of $1100 plus to buy one-month's supply of Humira. I really resent the fact that what you pay can vary all over the place for a drug that can really affect one's quality of life. There is no concern for one's ability to pay. I worked hard for many years only to face impoverishment over health concerns as a senior. The stress alone can make my RA worst.


2muckinfuch answered...

I have no insurance and I pay nothing for Humira through Abbie patient assistance foundation.The only insurance I can get from Obama costs $300 per month and a $5000 deductible. So the first of every year I would have to come up with $5000 for my medications and continue to pay $300 per month. Are you KIDDING ME. I am also injecting Methotrexate every week along with the Humira which WalMart has a 10 month supply for $36. I get my blood work done at Walgreens a new program called Theranos, Cost me $9. My office visit is $125 every 4 months. So Affordable healthcare act? should name it NOT affordable


tryn2staypositive answered...

I have plaque psoriasis and it's spreading everywhere! I do see a dermatologist and he is wonderful. Yes I was getting very frustrated with having to go through the steps to get to the point where I am able to finally get a chance to try Humira. I feel like a freak and people seem to be cruel and stare at my hands since it's starting to spread there as well as my knees,elbows,upper thigh etc. I hope this medication helps me. I feel like a prisioner in my own body. I don't go outside unless it's too work. Pretty sad that I am living like this,but it has to get better, right??