How long does severe shingles pain last?

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Jeannetta asked...

My husband started with Shingles on his head & left side of his face on Dec. 31,2010. He is taklng 600 mg. Gabapentin 3 times a day & is still having severe pain in his head & face. He also has other odd sensations on the left side of his face & his left eye & nostril. His doctor is on vacation. I know there is a post Shingles pain but how long does this really severe pain really last? He has about 5 really bad bouts in 24 hours.

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Emily m. answered...

Thanks for you question Jeannetta.

Sorry to hear about your husband's condition, shingles are no fun to deal with. A few resources that may help answer your question are:

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Pr answered...

I had Shingles couple of months back. For the first 2 weeks, the pain was still bearable but then it became completely unbearable. I took several Allopathic medicines but nothing really helped with the pain. I then went to a Naturopath. I took Acupuncture over the next 2 weeks and the following homeopathic medicines Hypericum perforatum Antimonium crudum Arsenicum album The Acupuncture and the above homeopathic medicines helped me a lot and I did not have pain after around 2 weeks.

Mojomel72 answered...

I've had shingles twice now over approx 10 years, the first bout was quite mild and I didn't take any meds at all the 2nd bout was about a year ago, it started on my right ear lobe, I went to see my G.P straight away and he gave me 5 different medications (can't remember them all) I have to say the pain was excruciating, considering I only had a small cluster of the shingle blisters on my ear, I'd rather give birth!! It took about 3-4 weeks for it to go and I was left with a general ache, now however a year on and I'm still experiencing pain and sensitivity. I've found it gets worse in cold weather, I don't take medication as it appears to come and go. I know from speaking to others that the pain can last years and years so I suppose I'll just have to get on with it.