How long does chemo last?

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Patchy111 asked...

What's the typical length of chemo and how often? Every 2 weeks?

Expert Answers

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Chemotherapy is a very broad term, so it depends on what type of cancer you have, which drugs you will be taking, and how you'll be taking them. (Some drugs are given orally, some by IV, some by at-home injection.)

Chemotherapy can be given for a very limited period of time, or it can be ongoing to keep the cancer under control. Doctors often discuss chemotherapy in terms of cycles, which can be confusing. There are many different drugs used and each drug can be given in a number of different "regimens" either by itself or in combination with other drugs. A chemotherapy regimen could be once a week for eight weeks, or once every two weeks for 8 cycles, which totals 16 weeks, or once every two weeks for six cycles, totalling 12 weeks.

Next time you see or talk to your doctor, ask her to be very specific about which chemotherapy drugs you are taking, how often you will be having chemotherapy, and how long your treatment will last. It's important to know this so you can plan for what to expect.

Community Answers

Txlady answered...
I took chem. once a week for 8weeks. I have non small cell lung cancer in the lower part of right lung. I also took radition 5 days a week for 8 weeks. The cancer was the size of a quarter. The ct scan in January 08 showed it was the size of a dime. I have another scan the 25 of April.

Our loving dad answered...

Well I guess it really does depend what kind of cancer you have,because my dad is getting chemo everyday for 8 weeks and on Wednesday it is Chemo and Radiation

Hempangel answered...

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Missydunn7606 answered...

I was just wanting a national average on the lenght of chemotherapy.

Madisongaskins answered...

that if the treament does not last or that the does not work they could die from it.