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How do I write a short, heartfelt speech to honor my father at his memorial service?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

How do I write a short, heartfelt speech to honor my father at his memorial service?


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What a nice way for you to word your question! A heartfelt speech is always the best, and when you speak from your heart, what you say is felt by See also:
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the listeners.

There will probably be people present who knew your father well and also people who didn't know him at all but who are there to support you or other family members. There are no set rules but here are some suggestions: Imagine that you're talking to a friend and he/she says "Tell me about your father." Write what you would say in describing him. Then think about what you want him/her to know and remember about your father.

At memorial services and funerals, people love to hear stories, and don't be afraid to share something funny. Also, many people who speak at a service are afraid that they may cry. Don't worry about that - people understand.

You may want to close or include where it's appropriate, that if anyone runs into you at the store, or sees you out somewhere, you would always welcome hearing their stories and memories about your father.

You'll always remember your father's service. It's very meaningful that you want to honor him.