How do I trasfer me and my sons medicaid benefits between states?

Zeron asked...

How to switch medicaid from nc to maryland

Expert Answer

Although Medicaid is a program established by the federal government, each state makes its own rules for Medicaid eligibility and sets up its own program. So, there is no way to simply "transfer" Medicaid eligibility from one state to another. Instead, you and your son will have to apply for Medicaid coverage in Maryland once you move there. You will have to show the Maryland social services agency that administers Medicaid that your income and assets in Maryland qualify you under Maryland's specific Medicaid rules.

One thing that might make it easier for you when you apply for Medicaid in Maryland is to bring with you any papers you have showing that you received Medicaid coverage in North Carolina. These would include any papers that show the income and assets you had when you last applied for Medicaid benefits in North Carolina. these documents will not automatically qualify you for Medicaid in Maryland, but they may make the application process simpler and faster, and will show the Maryland Medicaid workers that you have already been determined eligible for Medicaid in another state.