How do I convince dad to make a will???

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Igozoom asked...

I love my dad (and my step-mom) dearly, but they are both incredibly naive (clueless, to be blunt) about legal matters! Dad is 66 and my step-mom is 68 and neither of them has a will.

My dad is an 'only' child and he was the sole beneficiary of my grandmother's estate according to her will. Several months prior to her death (in 2012), she asked to meet my dad, step-mom, my sister (only sibling) and me at the same time. She made it clear (verbally) that she wanted everything evenly divided between me, my sister and my dad at that meeting and several more times before her death. Despite my best efforts to have her put her wishes in writing, she felt that saying it was sufficient. Because my dad is an only child and he is ridiculously honest, her wishes were carried out without incident.

None of us wanted to sell my grandparent's home, so we agreed that my dad and step-mom should live there for the remainder of their lives (or until they choose otherwise). Shortly after my grandmother's death, I expressed my concern to my dad and step-mom about the lack of will. To be honest, my greatest concern was that my step-mom be allowed to live in the home if my dad dies before her. We all acknowledged the unfortunate truth that my sister would try to evict her before dad was even in the ground! So my appeal was that a will would protect her, first and foremost.

I also shared my feelings that she (step-mom) should inherit my dad's one-third ownership of the house and that her children should inherit that one-third when she dies. She disagreed and only asked to be allowed to live in the house after my dad's death.

In addition to protecting my step-mom, I also want to avoid and legal issues with my sister. I also want to protect my one-third ownership of the property.

Any advice on how I persuade dad to make a will? I've considered writing a letter rather than having the same conversation again. I could point out that he needs to do it protect his wife, his mother's wishes and that it could prevent any future misunderstandings. It really bothers me...

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Rosar answered...

Hello Lgozoom,

Thank you for posting your question. I am sorry to hear of the challenges you are facing in trying to get your parents to make a will. An article written by Barbara Kate Repa that may be helpful. you can locate the article here: If I can point you to additional resources, please let me know.