How do I become a caregiver?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

How do I become a caregiver? What's involved in becoming a caregiver?

Expert Answers

Most people become caregivers not out of choice but necessity. Becoming a caregiver is not like becoming a nurse; one chooses to become a nurse, and goes to school to learn how. Caregivers, on the other hand, are usually thrust into the role when a loved one is unable to care for himself.

The term "caregiver" applies to anyone who is caring for elderly parents, a disabled spouse, an ill child, or a relative, friend, or neighbor. Caregivers sometimes care for a loved one part-time; other caregivers are responsible for full time care.

Most caregivers have no formal training, but there are many resources available to those who assume the caregiving role, including many on this site, as well as the Family Caregiver Alliance, a national organization that provides valuable information, support, and other resources for caregivers.

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Community Answers

Nicegirl71006 answered...

i would like to put a app in sometime my name is shelly stricklin my email is i will wait to hear from u ty

Sonny's cousin answered...

I was given guardianship of my cousin when his father died nine years ago. Since that time he has lived in the home with me and my husband . This requires much of our time and energy. We are both retired and would like to sometimes just get away. When we first took the responsibility there was money to hire someone once in a while so we could get away we were also much younger. There is no way we would consider placing him in a home where because we were told that he would because of his condition be placed in a locked ward according to the V.A.. Is ther caregiver assistance for our case?

Looking to learn answered...

I would like to apply to become a caregiver, because of family situations that has put me to this, and I feel better if I am the one to help out then to put it into a strangers hands or should I say care.

Wanting to be caregi answered...

i would love to be my mom and dad's caregiver.. they are up in there 80's.. they don't drive.. i would love do the things for them . dr's appts and grocies shop washed clothes cook and clean.. my other brothers and sisiters don;t have time for them.. i want to do this. i have not seen my father for 20 years...miss them..

A fellow caregiver answered...

I am my husbands caregiver but recently I applied for him to have another caregiver and he was denied they said he did not need one. He is a seizure patient and I disagree. I love my husband and I am interested in working as a caregiver to volunteer and get paid. I guess I am seeking experience. I hope I am not selfish I just know I wont live forever Marnie Iglus