How can you find out if someone has a life insurance policy?

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Orangeunsub asked...

How can you find out where or if your mother has Life Insurance. Shes now in a nursing home with Alzheimer's and this was an issue never contemplated. Considering mom lost her husband in 1969 when our dad died. Mom even took a policy out on me when I went to Texas to see a friend! I was shocked when getting the Medicaid forms together, no Life Insurance!!! Impossible. HELP? How can I found out if someone has a Life insurance Policy. This was planned to help with the inevitable funeral costs.

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Orangeunsub answered...

OK, this is not an answer to my own question, but rather a semi new occurrence. I didnt want to add it to the question as it really wasn't a necessary part of my query. Additionally, if I made my question too long I might not hopefully receive the benefit of your help of having it posted.

I did just recently get a note from one of the insurance companies I know mom had dealt with. I know because in my preliminary searching, I found a copy of an old policy. The company, Prudential was very quick and thourogh, so I thank them. They let me know that this policy I found was taken out in 1980 and cashed in during 1991. It is still closed. It makes no sense that myself or my wife or sister recall. We can think of no major event or purchase to make my mom to such a thing, it isn't her behavior or style to do anything so out of character. She was so conservative in those areas. The only possibilty I have right now is maybe my sister isn't being fully truthful. I mean she hasn't helped one bit in the years mom's needed it and only lives a mile away, so I might have a little extra cinicism in that regard.

Sorry, this became more of a semi-bio, therapy session with a small update. I look forward to your responses too the original question very much. Again...HELP!.


Orangeunsub answered...

I hate to do this, but I really need help here. I have asked my family and they act and shown to be no help at all. Not even in a suggestion.

I needed to make funeral arrangements for the inevitable and noe especially with Medicaid entering the picture. After meeting with them, the only way I could pay for it was that they would do so with moms life insurance policy. I can't recall how exactly, but I needed to get them the info and well,albeit my question.

not ignoring the obvious question of a life insurance policy either. I am not a Saint andhave thought about it on a personal level. Please, anyone