How can I keep my Mother's hands out of her hair?

2 answers | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
Onmyown asked...

This has become a real problem. Hair loss and raw scalp.

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Donnalee answered...

Is this what you meant by being able to answer someone's question? anyway, fwiw I found this somewhere else on this sight re the hair issue mentioning getting antihistamines from your doc; it did say it can cause more confusion, however, so it may be a matter of lesser and greater evils.

Re your actual question re being paid; does your mother have Medicaid by chance; if so, they have a program you could check into where you may be able to be paid. Hope this helps.

Onmyown answered...

No, not helpful. She stands in front of the mirror most of the day. She puts everything on her scalp from face cream, neosporin, alcohol, hot compresses and she has medicine. I am at such a loss.