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How can I get financial assistance with cremation?

11 answers | Last updated: Feb 23, 2015
An anonymous caregiver asked...
i am in need of help with cremation costs. My husband just passed and I need to pay for his cremation. I have no source of income and he left us with nothing. I have no job and family members don't have money to help. Is there any place i can turn too that might help me pay for my husband's cremation costs?

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Yes, there are a number of places that may offer financial assistance in covering the cost of cremation, likely to run from about $1,000 to 2,000.

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most counties have rules that provide that when a person dies without means and his or her relatives or friends cannot pay the costs of a burial, the county will provide for it. You will usually have to meet some fairly strict low income levels to qualify. Check with your county treasurer's office for details.

You or some other surviving family member may be able to get a payment of $255 from the Social Security Administration if you or your husband meet eligibility requirements. That amount won't go very far, but it may help some.

You can also contact the local funeral or memorial society -- a nonprofit group devoted to protecting consumers' rights and keeping down inflated funeral costs. You can find a local affiliate through the Funeral Consumers Alliance.

And finally, if your husband was a veteran, he may qualify for some burial and memorial benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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george bang answered...

One of the difficulties in finding a truly low cost cremation is that most people do not look much beyond their immediate area for a provider. Most of the firms locally do not specialize in cremation, and either do not have or else they hide their low-cost cremation services.

But there are many low-cost cremation firms who will pick up a body, perform the cremation, handle all legal details including death certificates for under $750. What's more, many firms will drive as far as 50-70 miles to pick up the body at no or a low additional charge.

So, how do you find these firms? One place to look is online, at www.cremation.com . Since listed firms specialize in cremation, you are more likely to find a low-cost solution. Also, many firms will advertise as far as 50 miles from their actual location, thus giving you a much larger list of firms to choose from.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

iam needing help to pay for the rest of my sons cremation. is there any help anywhere for that kind of thing?


ROBERT LOVE answered...



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galatina123 answered...

I understand you needs and wants because I have the same issue to deal with today as a daughter never raise by my mother I was left with caring for her health needs with four children it's let on me now. Not know her she has no inssurance and the family don't have money or her husband of 43 years. I could only pray that with Gods blessing will help me found away in this sad sitation you never know what's handle to you in life. I understand and support your family in prayers. Life not easy I have learn from this for myself thank every one for your support in time of need. May God help each of us every day of our life I believe he has a plan for me.


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Jody Starr answered...

I have a great idea I want to share! When you contact help for cremation etc... Call everyone, get a price covering everything, (record your calls). Each time you phone the next crematory or places that do cremation etc... give them your price first, ask one question will you beat that price? If you're given a lower price ask all the other questions. Does your price cover picking up the body, do you take care of all the paper work, do you do everything so I'll not have one thing to be concerned about in the future? If they still answer yes, ask...would you put that in writing or allow me to record your answer? If they say no, hang up they just waisted your time and you have just been lied to. And last but not least, ask... what is the address where the crrmation will take place? Believe it or not some willnot or cannot answer that question! Now are you asking yourself, you gotta be kidding... Just hang up.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

Really, felt sorry for your troubles. besides to get help from family members or nearest relatives, go to your community leaders as well the religious leaders such as the church pastors or elders.Their help might not ease all your financial problem but could have release some of it. TQ


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Ian W Murray answered...

Personal Alternative Funeral Services can provide direct cremation for no charge FREE for any Veteran who dies in a VA medical center and has a portion of the ashes placed at the nearest national cemetery. We can assist with this program nationwide. Visit our website www.funeralhomeservices.us for program details.


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US Funerals Online answered...

Sorry for your troubles! You can claim assistance from Social security, which will cover $255. However, even a direct cremation will cost at least $500-$1300, depending on where you live. You can try DFS MEMORIALS[dfsmemorials.com] they are a low-cost cremation network of local funeral providers. Their prices range from $495 - $1,395. Another possible alternative, if you really have no money for funeral expenses is an anatomical donation, although the body has to be accepted for donation. If it is you can qualify for a 'no cost' cremation, which the donation program arrange. Check out this info on Body Donation.[us-funerals.com]


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US Funerals Online answered...

A basic direct cremation will cost anything between $495 and $1,395 (depending on where you live). There are many reputable, local funeral businesses offering affordable direct cremations, and many will even travel, for an additional mileage fee, if they are not within your locale. Check out DFS MEMORIALS[dfsmemorials.com], they are a network of local Mom & Pop funeral homes that DO offer cheap cremations. The website directs to your nearest provider and tells you exactly how much they charge.


orbtrans answered...

I am Glad to see that Many Jewish Folks are not giving in to "Cremation, the new tradition" BS. Please read the comments below !!!! If you agree, please send this to as many "turn and burn" outfits as you can. Just MAYBE the Christians out there will get it ! Also as far as direct cremation goes, many psychologists offices are filled with people dealing with grief and guilt years after quickly disposing of their loved ones remains AND not even bothering the acknowledgment and celebration of their life as well. In effect, they are making the statement that their loved one was just plain....well....insignificant !!

That is why I, for one, think what we do in the "back of the house" is so important. There are many reasons people have for choosing direct cremation. Cost, convenience, cost, people live far away, cost, etc. These are excuses, not reasons. Not only do people spend much more on a wedding, but think about it. a high-def TV, a vacation, those really cool wheels on their car, all these things cost about the same or more than direct cremation. I know money does not equate to caring, love, respect and all the other warm and fuzzies, BUT the COST is one of the huge factors people consider. Then there are the "green" factors. Forget about it. Cremation leaves a huge carbon footprint. And the new alkaline reduction machines use a lot of electricity to heat and pump the chemicals used. But the people selling and using these new machines always forget that little detail. Back to the "back room" We are trying to create a nice memory picture for the family. Lets do the very best we possibly can. Not "thats good enough" but "what else can I do" for this family I am caring for now? Now please read the comments below from the Jewish community. BTW I care as you do. Sometimes I just have to say it.

Albert Bloomfield of Bloomfield-Cooper Jewish Chapels in New Jersey said that he's seen a definite increase in the number of Jews opting for cremation at the funeral home over the past eighteen years, even though the overall rate remains slightly under 10%. The number of Jews who choose cremation varies widely based on geography with estimates ranging from as low as 3% at one funeral home in Seattle to as high as 10% at a funeral home in Philadelphia. Given Florida's high population of elderly Jews, many of whom reside far from their children and other relatives, it is reportedly in contention, though no hard numbers are available, for the highest cremation rate of any Jewish community in America.

To read more from this article: http://jewishvoiceny.com/index.php?option=com_content&id=4729:cremation-traditional-jewish-burial-under-assault-in-america-0000&Itemid=325


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