Are there programs in Texas to help the elderly with the electric bills?

2 answers | Last updated: Nov 21, 2016
Kingfisher asked...

Is there an assistance programs in Texas to assist the elderly with electricity bills? Last month my grandmother's bill was almost $800.00.

Expert Answers

Wow, that's a whopper of a bill, I can see why you'd like to find your grandmother help. Your best bet is to start by contacting your grandmother's electric company directly and asking. Many power companies have rate or payment programs for the low-income or disabled. I'd also try theĀ Eldercare Locator, a government referral service providing local information on all kinds of senior services. Use thisĀ link to find the office nearest your grandmother. Best of luck.

Community Answers

Monkeydo answered...

i have several services that can help ur grandmother. one is the electic help. go online and look up community council in ur city. or just go online and put in government help paying electric bill. so long as she is on social security, they usually pay 8 months of her bill. they go by last years bill and pay that amount. now ours also had one for a fridge if it is older than dirt or it is not properly working. also if she is making a limited money she can get her house weatherization. just put weatherization in ur city and state in the search bar. they will determine what can be done. also depending on ur state or city her medicare premium can be 0 dollars depending on what she makes. also that would put her prescriptions at a low price and no deductible. also if she is over 62, ur USDA has a program of 6500 grant that she would not have to pay back.