Can I get paid to care for my parent in Florida?

A fellow caregiver asked...

Is there any way for me to get paid to provide care for my mother in FL?

Expert Answer

If your mother qualifies for Medicaid, and Medicaid determines that she needs home care, you might be able to get some pay from Medicaid as her home care aide. But for you to get paid to provide that home care, you'd have to be certified by the state of Florida as a home care provider. To get certified, you have to go through training that meets state and Medicaid requirements. Such training is often available for low fees at local community colleges or adult schools. To start finding out about getting certified, contact a local community college that offers a certification program, or your county's local social services or human services department; ask them about Medicaid caregiver certification. Or, you can use an Internet search engine -- in the search field, enter the words "Florida Medicaid paid caregiver."

Another way to get paid is if your mother has long-term care insurance and she qualifies for home care benefits under the terms of the policy. Some long-term care insurance policies only pay for home care that is provided through a licensed home care agency. But other policies pay for care provided by individual aides if they are certified by the state as home care aides. And still other policies pay a daily benefit amount directly to the insured person, who can turn around and use it pay anyone. If your mother has a long-term care insurance policy, carefully read the sections of the policy that describe home care benefits.