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1 answer | Last updated: Nov 13, 2016
Mommy dearest asked...

my husband is sick and on social security and i take care of him and cant work and dont have health insurance, and i 'm not old enough too get social security, can i get paid too be his care giver. who do i call too get help. thank you

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A fellow caregiver answered...

Check out IHHS. In Home Health Services. You can look them up online. If your husband meets their standards of care, you would be his "Provider" and he would be your "Consumer." Basically, you would work for him.  The process is pretty straight forward. They would send out someone to assess his level of needs and determine how many hours of care he qualifies for.  After some paperwork, like an application and other info from you and him, the ball is rolling.  I don't know what state you live in, but I do know that that determines the pay rate. (like any other state). Good Luck :) and I hope this is helpful.