How does Genzar chemotherapy work, and what is the difference between singular dose and combination chemo treatments?

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Nancy, san diego asked...

How does Genzar chemotherapy work? Are singular dose chemo treatments such as Genzar chemo just as beneficial as combined dose treatments, such as Genzar and Taxatere?

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joseramiro2001@hotm answered...

may name is joe and iam elsa husband she is been sufering whih lung cancer after breast cancer on 2001 and stay till 2009, came back in her longs, since then dr. is been using gemzar and taxotere one week both then nex week texotere and rest for 2 weeks and keep the cyclo and after scan test he said the chemo is not doing the job the cancer is now use to it to chemo so he is going to use platinum whith gemzar in 3 weeks.hope works.