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What could be causing my muscle pain?

10 answers | Last updated: Mar 13, 2015
Ellie49 asked...

I am having muscle pain generally all over my body. This has been an ongoing problem for the last month or so and seems to be getting worse. I am female and 59 years old, and in basic good health.


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Many health problems can cause muscle pain and achiness. Common causes of generalized muscle pain include autoimmune diseases, electrolyte imbalances, depression, medication side effects, and viral infections. Since you have had this problem for more than one month, and it has not gone away on its own, you should get checked out by your health care provider to see what is going on with you.


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Ellie49 answered...

You were right on the money with medication side effects, I started taking 2000mg of Vit. D last month & I figured out I had an overload of vit.D. It was recomended for my arthritis,got that under controll ,but i was taking to much & it affected my muscles. I backed off to 1000 mg a day & am feeling better already.


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Garu answered...

There are two suggestions from personal experience - 1) I now take 250 mg of Magnesium each day - all the cramping and muscle soreness has gone 2) I don't know the kind of other pain that might be involved, but I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia - check on the web sites or with your DR. to see if this is a possibility. Hope the magnesium works - did for me, my son (39) and my brother.


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wwgrace answered...

As it might be an auto-immune disease, I have heard you should get rid of all the cleaning chemicals in your home and switch to botanical based cleaners like Melaleuca. I use magnetics for my pain. For information on magnetic products,go to www.Nikken.com/wellnessdaily


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/people/102342 answered...

As we age, our immune system is not as strong as when younger. This muscle pain could be from an allergy or sensitivity. Two of the most common are dairy products and wheat products. You could eliminate these from your diet for a week to see if the pain decreases.

A way to get data for yourself and to have for you health practitioner is to keep a log of activity, medications, food, and relate it to the level and location of pain.


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West Sac Gal answered...

Ellie49, Great question. I am having major problems with my joints. Feet, knees, hips, shoulders and fingers in the both hands. I too am taking Calcium with vitamin D added. Will try lowering the doseage and adding Magnesium. Has anyone tried Glucosamine w Chondroitin? Also found that warm showers in the morning help but with my hot flashes I would really rather take a cool one.


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/people/90276 answered...

When I started taking cholesterol medicine with statins, I immediately got very sore, achy muscles in my arms and legs, almost to the point of being unable to do everyday work around the house. After trying 4 or 5 different brands, I finally had to give up atatins.


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Carol Reiser answered...

Bananas have helped my leg cramps tremendously. I'm female and 57. I have certainly found Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D to be helpful too! Also, there's a water drinking technique, reportedly from Japan. When you first wake up, drink about 20 ounces of water. Wait 45 minutes before even brushing your teeth. (I meditate during this time.) You can drink some liquid with breakfast but wait another couple of hours before drinking large amounts of fluid. I've done this for a number of months am pain free.


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Just restating the comment above about Statins (lipizor, zocor, crestor, etc.). My mother almost died from statin reaction. With all of her other issues (COPD and CHF), we just assumed the aches and pains were "part of the disease." But she was hospitalized after a bad fall (she fell alot), and they figured out that she had rhabdomyolysis. Once off the statins, she felt better within a few days. She had a pacemaker put in during this hospital visit, as well. Not much pain -- and no more falls! Just FYI.


venusblue answered...

started taking Magnesium because of muscle cramps in my calves. glad to hear that someone has used it for their Fibro. Thanks for the info on it. Take Care everyone...s~8/1