Where can I find financial assistance for assisted living costs?

3 answers | Last updated: Dec 04, 2016
Dj asked...

I am trying to find out if Medicare or any other resorces are available to help with the cost of assisted living? My Mother's doctor has suggested she move to an assisted living facility and she has no assets. We live in Indianapolis. IN., and don't know where to look.

Expert Answers

A great place to start the search is BenefitsCheckup.org. This service can help you figure out which local, regional, and national programs may be available to help your mother with her bills.

Barbara Steinberg, one of our finance experts, answered a similar question recently. Her advice: Check out your state's Medicaid requirements to see if your parent qualifies for Medicaid nursing home assistance.

Community Answers

Monaz answered...

If she or her spouse were active in the Military during war time, the VA has benefits that help cover the cost of assisted livings as well.

always worth a look into!

A fellow caregiver answered...

Some Staes (Texas) allows for your loved one to go first to a nursing home for up tp 6 months but afterwards, upon doctors orders, can be assigned to assisted living vs. going home and covered under Medicaid.