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What happens in the final stage of stomach cancer?

4 answers | Last updated: Aug 05, 2015
Pat415 asked...

What happens in the final stage of stomach cancer?


RKeatts56 answered...

In the final stage of stomach cancer the cancer has spread from the stomach to other internal organs or other anatomic structures (like major blood vessels). Stage 4 stomach cancer is typically not treatable by surgery alone. Normally, chemotherapy is utilized either before or after surgery to remove the tumor and may also be paired with radiation.


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LisaCooper answered...

I don't know what the life expectancy of stage 4 stomach cancer is, but I am living with the knowing that my mother will soon be passing from this horrible disease. She was diagnosed in July of 2011 with stage 4 stomach cancer, we knew a cure was not to be found, but tried anyway and are still trying to this day. So, her cancer started in her stomach and has spread outside the lining till it was found. Cancer cells were found in her fluid, this is how she was staged. We started going to philadelphia and had great results, the the unexpected, an anaphylaxis shock occurred during her third infusion, so chemo was stopped. We were told the cancer had not spread anymore and she was doing better, no fluid for a couple months. Then it came back full force but she could no longer handle the drive so we had to switch doctors and facilities. After almost 3 months, cancer spread even more, tumors grew, everywhere she had fluid, she had cancer cells, so pretty much of her entire abdoman had cancer, at least on the outside. Her right lung has damage inside from the cancer that it can not be tapped no more because it fills in individual pockets now. We were getting 6 - 8 liters of fluid a week in her belly but now she has a permanent drain. She has lost lots of weight, in fact, where they put her port in, you could never see it, now it sticks out like a sore thumb. What else happens...the only symptom she had before being diagnosed was heartburn, or acid reflux. She cant talk quite as much anymore, gets very out of breath and she is starting to forget things and get alot of things confused. It is a very difficult time in our lives.Along the way my dad has had numerous strokes which we believe as does the doctor it is from stress, but how do you live without stress, ESP. In these circumstances. I called hospice in almost 2 months ago, which is a very good idea for anyone going through the same thing, nurses are great, it has been a long 7 months of doctor and hospital visits. Getting lungs tapped, getting belly tapped. Her legs have swelled up so bad from her knees down in the last 2 weeks, she can hardly walk or lift them. The doctor has increased her water pills, but they do not seem to be helping. I am going to try massaging them for her and hopefully try getting some fluid to move back up. She is on oxygen all the time now. She has tried 3 different chemo therapies but no radiation, we were told they don't use radiation for her type of cancer. She can't handle the chemo no more so she just stopped taking it. She don't want to take any pain pills or morphine, in fact I have to talk her into taking her Ativan because she has anxiety. She said she don't want to live her life "doped" up, haha. She is a very strong lady and has worked hard her whole life and now, it is very hard to see her like this, but I stay strong for her. It is very hard to imagine my life without my mother in it and I am not sure how I am going to handle her death but I fear and know it is coming all too quickly. I am lost already. She hardly eats and sometimes just trying to take a drink is very difficult. I would not wish this on anyone and my heart and prayers go out to everyone else dealing and living with this horrible disease. I know they have a cure, we need it. People should not have to suffer like this. I love you Mom and I always will. Please don't leave me :(


vijay333 answered...

well my mom survived nearly 5 to 6 years after knowing the fact that she had cancer she was not worried at all she has given me the love in the whole world .she was very strong and very much caring person,but i want to know whether there is a cure for this type of cancer .when she was hospice i tried my best to save her ,she lived as long as i was there ,she did not want to die when i was there with her.she died after i left the hosipce in night hours,she died on 3rd june2015 her name is B.Roja (BUJJI) well still now iam not able to take the fact that she died.iam just it just for my satisfaction.i lovvvvvv you mom so much and i really miss your presence you were really a very wonderfull person.


Karen D answered...

My mother was diagnosed with cancer of the lining of her stomach 5 yrs ago this past April. She went through three years of chemo different drugs off and on. She is very tough and handled the treatments so well. She never complained even when she had a couple bad reactions. Thank God she never experienced the vomiting and sickness from the chemo. She has had hospice nurses for two years now and they are wonderful. However she has now begun to decline quickly. Certainly more pain. Now she is retaining fluid and her feet and ankles are swelling, they have started diaretics which help a little. She cannot urinate fully has diarreah uncontrollable and must where diapers. I assume it has spread to her bowels and kidneys. It is just so sad to see her so humiliated and I cannot help her except being there 24 7. We knew from the start it was terminal and it would spread to other organs it is just hard to watch her suffer. I will miss her much but I pray for her to have peace and be free of this pain. I love her dearly but I truly wish this would end as she does also.