How do I address the use of the stove with my mother?

Revyarb asked...

My relationship with my mother is very strained at this time, I have had to take her house keys to keep her from wandering about in the neighborhood, and I give her no money for her to get into God knows what. Right now my dilemma is with the kitchen stove. Recently she is burning more and more food on the stove; I come home to find evidence of burned food by reason of lingering burnt odor. How do you recommend I approach the turning off of the stove, without going into World War III?

Expert Answer

Wow, this is a tough situation for you. You mention burning food and the stove, which are extremely important, but I think you're at a point where the larger issue is simply whether your mom can live independently at this stage of her life, or whether she needs more support. If she's wandering and burning food, safety issues are a big concern. I'm pleased to direct you to a couple of articles that address this very issue. One that helps you decide if your parents can live alone, and another that guides you through housing options. We also have an article on household gadgets to help your parents live safely in their own home, and one of these is for stoves and cooking! The decisions you face aren't easy, especially if your mom resists change, which it sounds like she does. I hope you have the support you need. Best of luck.