How Can I Help Dry Ashy Feet?

A fellow caregiver asked...

What's a good way to treat my mother's dry, ashy feet? I use moisturizer but it doesn't seem to help very much.

Expert Answer

Jane Andersen, DPM, is a board-certified podiatrist in private practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She provides surgical and nonsurgical foot and ankle care to all types of patients, including the geriatric population in her area. With the American Podiatric Medical Association, she has worked to educate the public on foot and ankle health.

There are many reasons for dry, ashy feet. Simple dry skin is one of them and should respond to a good moisturizer such as Eucerin or Bag Balm. Another common cause of scaly skin on the feet is fungus, commonly called athlete's foot. If you have been using a good moisturizer on your mother's feet and the dryness does not seem to improve, the problem could be athlete's foot. You might want to try an over the counter antifungal such as Lamisil or Lotrimin. Your podiatrist can correctly diagnose the problem and prescribe a prescription antifungal if needed.