How does Rapamycin help fight Alzheimer's disease?

Jeremy p asked...

How does Rapamycin help fight Alzheimer's disease? I've heard about new research which suggests this immunosuppressive drug may help battle Alzheimer's disease.

Expert Answer

Ladislav Volicer, M.D., Ph.D., is recognized as an international expert on advanced dementia care. He is a courtesy full professor at the School of Aging Studies, University of South Florida, Tampa, and visiting professor at the Third Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Twenty-five years ago, he established one of the first dementia special care units.

There is no evidence that rapamycin can fight Alzheimer's disease. It was effective in one mouse model but increased production of beta amyloid in another study. I am not aware of any research that would document beneficial effect of immunosuppresive drugs in Alzheimer's disease.