Does Medicare pay for CNA or a caregiver for a day?

Smarilens asked...

Does Medicare pay for CNA or a caregiver for a day? Does medicare HMO cover Sharp Cabrillo Hospital, Cloisters of Mission Hills, Sharp Home Health, or Sunplus Homehealth in San Diego?

Expert Answer

It seems that you're asking two different questions.The first is whether a Medicare HMO will cover home health care for a day. Any Medicare Part C managed care plan (HMO or PPO) will cover home care, provided through a participating home health care agency, if it is prescribed by a doctor. This might be for only one day following a medical procedure or the return from a hospital, or it might be for weeks while a patient is recovering.In either case, however, the home care visit would only be for part of a day, to perform specific tasks, and does not include all-day caretaking.

The second question is whether a Medicare HMO will cover care at the specific medical facilities you've listed. But that depends entirely on which Medicare HMO you are enrolled in. Different Medicare Part C managed care plans contract with different hospitals, doctors, home care agencies, and other health care providers. So, in order to find out whether your Medicare HMO covers care from the specific providers you've listed, you have to check directly with that HMO. Contact the HMO's consumer information service -- there's should be a toll-free phone number listed in your enrollment papers -- and ask whether the HMO covers care from those providers.