Does medicare cover Chiropractic care and services?

Rgreenruth asked...

Does Medicare cover chiropractic care and services?

Expert Answer

Mostly no, but Medicare Part B can cover some chiropractic care in certain, very limited circumstances. The only chiropractic treatment Medicare Part B covers is manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation (a bone in your spine out of position). The treatment must be considered medically necessary, and formally prescribed, by a physician. In other words, for Medicare to cover the treatment, it can't be a chiropractor alone who decides that you need it. Also, the care must be provided by a Medicare-certified chiropractor. If Medicare Part B covers the treatment, as with most other medical bills it will pay 80 percent of the Medicare-approved amount, leaving you (or your Medigap insurance) to pay the remaining 20 percent.


If you are enrolled in a Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage managed care plan, your plan may cover slightly broader chiropractic treatment than traditional Medicare Part B does. Check with your plan directly, or ask your chiropractor's office to check, to find out if there is any broader coverage and what its terms are.