How do I find the coverage details for hearing aids with Medicare and Medicaid in Ohio?

Tinamckeown asked...

What are the limitations and specifics of hearing aid coverage through Medicare and Medicaid in Ohio?  How is the claim filed?  Medicare of Medicaid first?  Would the hearing aid be covered in full for both ears or just one?

Expert Answer

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover hearing aids, in Ohio or anywhere else. However, it appears that Ohio's Medicaid program does cover at least "conventional" hearing aids, for both ears; if you require special hearing aids, Medicaid may cover it if you (through your doctor) demonstrate a "special need" that fits within Ohio's specific Medicaid regulations. To find out about applying for Medicaid in Ohio, and specifically about coverage for hearing aids, you can visit the official web site of the Ohio Medicaid program. You can also call the Ohio Health Plans (Medicaid) Medicaid Consumer Hotline 800-324-8680.