Which doctor do I see for dizzy spells?

Grayfeathers65 asked...

I am having dizzy spells for the last three weeks. I use a CPAP machine at night with very high settings (15-18 cm). I have had an MRI that showed nothing. Normally they go away in the late afternoon but return when I go to bed. When I sleep on my right side they are worse. What kind of doctor do I contact? I am 69 years-old.

Expert Answer

Jennifer Serafin, N.P. is a registered nurse and geriatric nurse practitioner at the Jewish Homes for the Aged in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, dizziness can have numerous causes, especially when it is ongoing. It is good that your MRI was normal, which rules out most serious neurological diseases. However, dizziness can also be caused by inner ear disorders, metabolic disorders, medication side effects, blood pressure problems, or anemia (just to name a few). These dizzy spells may also be a complication of your sleep apnea, so that needs to be explored as well. Therefore, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care health care provider to get a full work-up. If they find anything concerning, they can then refer you to the appropriate specialist. Good luck!