When was dementia first discovered?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

When was dementia first discovered?

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Wavelength answered...

Doctors have used the term "senile" dementia for decades. Senile means old. But when was dementia first discovered?Scientist and doctor Alois Alzheimer presented a paper on what we now call Alzheimer's Disease in 1906. It was the first paper describing a clinical case of dementia and was an examination of the behavior of Frau Auguste D.so he was was credited with dementia discovery. So when was dementia first discovered would be officially in 1906.

Grammaslikeness answered...

Back when maternal Gramma was diagnosed the only term known was Senile. She always kept conversations with her "visitors". We had to be careful not to sit anyone's lap, even though no one was there. I have Senile Dementia. only 55 but I've lost short term. I can keep going with stories from my childhood.