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After my mother passed, I dreamed she visited me, and was becoming an angel.

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Dreaming about passed loved ones visiting us is a fairly common experience, whether or not we may believe in an afterlife. No matter our theological view, we all long to See also:
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know those we love are at peace and have been released from the pain, sorrow, and suffering of this world after death. Dreaming is one way our minds sort through and process information and life experiences in order to make meaning and find closure.

Many people who do not believe in an afterlife discover that they are concerned about the welfare of their loved ones after their death. The Bible tells us that an awareness of the eternal nature of life and of God Himself are planted in the hearts of humanity (Romans 1:20). When God designed the universe, He crafted it in such a way that people throughout history would recognize His power in creation "“ power that reaches beyond scientific explanation to our very souls. He also designed us with an innate sense that we are eternal creatures. We mourn the thought of permanent separation from our loved ones because we were "wired" to live in community; it is because of this that we experience wrenching pain when we are separated from those we love most "“ especially when we believe we will never see them again. Most of us find the thought of eternal separation from those we love to be an agonizing thought. Our love and concern for family and friends continues far beyond their passing.

It sounds as if you shared a close bond with your mother. In one way or another, you will grieve her loss for the remainder of your life. This is to be expected because she was an important part of your life. Your dream is one manifestation of your love for her. Take comfort in the fact that the love and care you shared with your mother is a both a gift of memory to you, as well as a gift that will remain with her forever.


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3Generations answered...

My mom also died of cancer, almost a year ago. Within two weeks of her passing, I dreamed one night that she had invited a few of us to visit her in Heaven. She wanted to show us how she was decorating her home there. It was such a vivid, realistic dream! She had chosen seascape colors for her main living room, and I can still see the yellows and blues clearly. Mom was always a great homemaker, and took delight in decorating every place she lived...including the last place she lived, an apartment in my walk-out basement. She was very content and joyful in my dream. And I awoke smiling, feeling comforted. I had other dreams with Mom in them over the next months, usually mundane dreams where we were gardening or doing chores together. Even the mundane dreams are comforting, but none so comforting as that first "decorating the new home" dream.


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Superb54 answered...

Sometimes, we need to learn to embrace events that occur in our lives and not over-examine them. While you don't believe in an afterlife, this may have been your own inner efforts to console yourself, which is OK. Having recently lost my father, I know there are always doubts as to whether or not we did enough. As a Christian, I do believe in an afterlife, and know that loved ones will send us messages from beyond, as I have received many throughout my life. For you, perhaps you should go with how you felt through the dream. If it created some comfort for you, then just embrace that and don't over-think it. I am sure your mom knew you where there for her, and you did right by her. That should also be a comfort for you as well. May I offer my condolences. We don't ever stop mourning the loss; we only learn how to deal with it.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

My sweet daughter, age 42, passed on Mother's Day a year ago from cancer - an extremely cruel painful end of which she fought so valiently. I simply couldn't, and wouldn't accept her death. I have been crying for the entire year, have lost any desire to take up where I left off, put off cleaning, going places, talking to friends - indeed so depressed I wanted to go to where she was. Several nights ago I had a very realistic dream and she came to me and signaled me out of the rain, into the sunshine, into HER new home! She was extremely happy, looked exactly like she did shortly before she passed, and told me she knew I was worried about her - but I shouldn't worry any longer, she was happy and fine - indeed she was laughing with others in the room they were decorating!!!!! I woke astounded - and as a Christian, feel that God truly had her come and see me to give rest to my soul... I feel so much more at peace now - even though I knew she was in Heaven!


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kunzite52 answered...

My mom died in 2006. 4 days after her death, while we were all running around this house planning her funeral and things, my neighbor looked out and saw my mom in her garden. He said he had to look twice but even so she was still there. He told me this had never happened to him before. I can surely tell you my mom was with me in those 11 days between the day she died and the day we interned her ashes. Her memorial service and the family gathering at my mom's home (which now belongs to my brother and me) went off perfectly. In fact, that year we had an abnormally long summer and I was still getting things out of the garden the day we interned her ashes. My brother moved into my mom's room and I stayed in my room as I had lived with mom for 27 years before she died. The night my brother moved in, which was in fact the day we interned her ashes, a hoot owl started hooting outside my mom's window. That owl stayed there in a bush for months after mom was gone, Bob heard him every single night. How odd an owl would perch in a bush I thought, and remembered how much my mom loved birds of prey, we had all watched owls with her during her lifetime. The day before my mom died, I cleaned her room and surrounded her bed with the pictures of her family who had died before her. I had no idea why I did this. That day I watched my brother enter this house 4 times from my garden. Each time I got up and he was not there. Each time I went back into the house my mom's head was bent in prayer. That brother chose not to speak with my mom the last two years of her life. His wife was angry over 1,400.00 in taxes that she had paid for living in my mom's cottage. She believed mom owed her this money, when in fact, my brother and his wife had lived there only paying taxes and utilities for years. In fact, quite often they did not have the tax money and mom would pay it for them. Mom's heart was broken over losing contact with her oldest son. I watched her for two years, as she tried to reconcile the anger she felt over what had been done to her. The odd thing is that after she died that brother inherited over 100,000.00 from her. How did he live with himself I often wondered. I called my aunt to tell her about my brother walking into the house that day before she died. My aunt told me my mom was calling him to her to forgive him. I know that she did, because she had underlined all these prayers for forgiveness in her Bible.
Since her death, she has come to this house often. When my brother and I fight or there is some sort of chaos in this house, I go outside and talk to my mom, usually while looking at the moon. (Mom died with her Bible in one hand and her moon chart in the other). Every single time I have called on her or God for help it has come to me, sometimes almost immediately. My brother and I constantly have these days where everything seems to be directed by my mother, miracles occur, etc. Money shows up. Stuff happens, and my brother and I will always say aloud, "Thank you Mom!" I have told my other two brothers that if they miss mom they ought to talk to her. Both think this is ridiculous, and ask why??? Neither really believes she can hear them, but Bob and I do believe she hears us, and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful she is. About two months before her death, I was trying to get mom to let me put some lotion on her back. She told me very sternly, "I do not care at all about my body Annie, that is only temporary, it is my spirit I want to take care of". To this day I believe that mom was making the transition from earth to heaven while she was still alive. She seemed more and more distant to me the closer her death came. I read recently that this is in fact true. "The longer we live the stronger the ties become which attract us toward another world, and the fewer and weaker those that attach us to this". (QUIET THOUGHTS). EVERY prayer mom prayed and underlined before she died has come to fruition. Within two years my dad was here for me to take care of. She told me (though they had been divorced for some 43 years) that if dad needs help, "You take him in Annie". So I did. No matter what you believe, I am finding that the older we become, the wiser we become, the more we realize that there is far more to this life than what our 5 senses discern. Even my dad was a firm agnostic all of his life, but now with Alzheimer's, he refers to God often. When I tell him he has angels he believes me. One day recently he asked me if the angels were stronger than the devils. "Of course" I told him, and he said, "Thank God!" If you are wondering if your mom is at peace, which was your ?, I believe she is. Cancer is a horrible way to die, unlike how my mom died, which was (she stopped taking her blood thinners) a heart attack/stroke. But rest assured the aches and pains, emotional drama and traumas are put to rest along with the body. The rest, who your mother is, remains always within your heart and around you. It is not hard to let go of a body, when the spirit goes on to joyous places of which we can only dream of.
When your mom died, her body died, the part that had the cancer, her spirit will always stay close to you. Moms are moms for life. We have all had dreams about my mom, mine only started recently, but when I see her she is happy and not sick or upset anymore. Treasure those dreams, they are our chance to visit with those who have passed off from the shore and over the horizon. And just as we no longer see the ships when they go far away, so too we no longer see the bodies of those we love, but we can still and always will feel their energy for their ships still sail. Please never feel that your mom was taken from you, she rather is on her own journey and still watching you. The only thing gone is the body. Be at peace with yourself, that is what your mom would so want. Sincerely, annie


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udovicm answered...

My mother just passed away two days ago. While I know logically at 92 she had a very full and happy life there is an emptiness there. The last time I saw here she was at her hospice care. I struggled with leaving her and going to help my daughter who had recently lossed everything in a fire.

Mom was in a comatose state for two days. My siblings kept telling me I needed to go but I felt torn. I told her that I'd have to leave her which was the hardest thing for me to do. I told her I had to go help her granddaughter.

I sat in my car for five minutes knowing that would be the last time I'd see her again. My mother passed away while I was airborne. Five minutes after her death I turned to my husband and said mom is gone and started to crying. I knew she wasn't with us. When we landed I contacted my siblings and asked how mom was and told she had died around 7:30a.m

Two nights later, last night I dreamt I was sitting at her apartment which she hasn't live at for 3 years now. I was telling her about my daughter, the fire, my concerns for her her fiance and his children. She told me you be there for her. Keep talking to here, love her like you did when she was a troubled teen. I will be out soon.

In a half sleep I told myself I'll have to give mom a call and let her know how things are going. Then remembered I can't call her. Now I'm falling apart. Is this normal?

I do believe she was telling me she's coming to watch over her. Am I wrong or is there another logical explanation


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kunzite52 answered...

Logic cannot truly explain this, but belief and faith can. Without belief there is no faith, without faith we are alone in the world. Your mom will he there to watch over all of you, just as mine was/is. Though my logical brothers can not get that, my brother and I do, and we are the lucky ones cause we are the ones that get to have mom around. Having little faith, the other two do not see her or hear her, they only mourn the passing of her body. We two who live in her home relish the continuation of her spirit. That is the difference.


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ashten answered...

Dear Cathy1, I too lost my mother to lung cancer 3 months ago. I have always believed in the afterlife until she passes and I am second guessing my beliefs now. I need validation that she is at peace and happy but not sure where that comes from. Her and I were extremely close and just cannot fathom the idea of never seeing or hearing her again. I would love to have her come to me in a dream to let me know she is ok, I just never remember my dreams. My father died in a fire when I was 3 so my mother became my world. I feel for anyone who has been through this, its an indescrible feeling, mixture of anger, sadness, lost, all rolled up and eventually sort out. To all who have had comforting dreams of loved ones, I believe there is hope that soon I will too.


Monasanchez answered...

Hey my aunt jut passed away of lung cancer on may 18 2013. It hurt me so bad seeing her in bed all hurt. But she didn't want to leave she wanted to stay with us and beat cancer again. She is one of the strongest person ever!! I always said I never got to give her a last hug do tonight I had a dream she was asking me for a picture and I told her I was goin to give her one of me and my baby girl and den I just went straight to hug her because I remember she died and I told her let me give u one last hug. And she hugged me so hard. I worked up and I'm in tears right now .. :(



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RRReid answered...

My mother passed away in dec. 2012, a couple of times since I've had dreams of someone grabbing my arm , and another of someone reaching around me as if snuggling. It always scared me , so I would wake up my wife to see if she could see them. ( she completely believes in spirits) a couple of times I would grab there wrist and wake up my wife to see if she seen them and then they would be gone. She kept telling me not to be scared, to ask them what they wanted and it could be my Mom. Well last nite , I had just went to sleep , my wife was still awake watching tv and I felt it again , I asked my wife it was her arm and she said no, now she says I'm really mumbling when this happens because I guess I'm half asleep. Now I knew it was my motherh and she snuggled up to me and tickled me and I got to have conversation with her, I asked about heaven, her mom and dad and her last husband that died 35 years ago, her answers were very vague and I remember her telling me she didn't want to DINK it whatever that ment, that was after I asked her if she had been to heaven and she said a couple of times. All of sudden she was gone and I woke up feeling wonderful. The closet thing to the feeling I can describe was when I first walked down the ilse at a church to get saved as a 27 yr old adult. I know it was as real as me sitting here typing this


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Madisyn Stewart answered...

Last night I had a dream of my friends mom. She passed away on June 2, 2013 from a brain aneurism, it was so sudden and no one saw it coming as she was a very healthy energetic loving and warm person. Its been about 5 months now and no one has had a dream about her except my 4 year old cousin and he told us that she said that she loved him. Now what I had experienced last night was beyond real it was just like I was with her again talking, but about her reassurance that she was ok. It started like I was having a phone conversation with her and my phone was on my pillow but then she appeared with me, she looked as beautiful as ever and started by tell me "I miss my girls" which are her two daughters 18 and 13. I asked her if she had talked to them and she told me no she has not but she will be visiting them soon, but there visit it something special. I asked her if she know how she died and she said "no i just appeared i this beautiful place" and i asked her where "heaven?" and she said yes! I said are you with us and she said "yes everyday" and when I asked if she had met god she told me "he is with us too." My aunt is their guardian now as well and she made she to tell me because they were best friends "your aunt in doing a great job I am very proud of her, and thank you for giving my girls a home" I also began to ask how long my visit would be because I had so many questions and she told me "I know you all do, I have answers but i can't be with you for long I have to go back just know I am safe and Im here and its gorgeous like nothing you have ever seen." She also kind of mentioned that she was with a dog too and they were together but we aren't sure what dog, there are two dogs that she could have meant.


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Sonu7/12 answered...

My just passed away from cancer three months ago:( I miss her. She was very strong and never complained through chemotherapy. I have dreams of her quit frequently. People say because I was her daughter and we had a bond and that's why I see her in my dreams. She looks so beautiful and peaceful. I kind of feel sad when I wake up. Cuz I miss her.


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Check Shyong Quek answered...

I am a Christian and did not believe this 40 days visitation until my mum passed away last month. The first week or during the 9 days after her passing, there were signs that she came to visit me by unmistakable smells and fragrance. The first one was the unmistakable smell of my mother with her skin moisturizer; the second one was the same smell plus fragrance of a flower which I did not really know what kind of flower it was. The third time which lasted the longest, about 6 to 8 seconds was totally the fragrance of the flower which was a strong fragrance. The next day I went to my friend's house and his friend who was staying with him got to know about this and went to my friend's garden and brought back some flowers which is JASMINE and it was exactly 100% the fragrance I experienced the night before. After that, I am a total believer in this 40 day-visitation. My church actually forbids us to believe in all this and told us that the soul sleeps after death until resurrection day but now I Know this is not true - the soul does visit their loved-ones and give signs to try to comfort them. I am comforted by the signs but I am still in great agony because the loss is real in a physical sense where I could not see her physically anymore and I do not have the chance anymore to care for her, cook for her, wash her laundry, buy her favourite foods, etc.. And now that she is gone, I only realized that it was a privilege and enjoyment to serve her while she was alive because we enjoyed talking to each other very much and she was always there for me no matter what! And I will always remember that My Mother is the only person in the world that truly loves me unconditionally.


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Kisses 1 answered...

I lost my Mother to Colon Cancer in September of 2012. I was according to my Mother (she made a family announcement while on her sick/death bed) the HARDEST. CHILD that she had to raise out of Five Children BUT we were BEST FRIENDS for a very LONG TIME before that she died. About 8-10 month's after she died I was sleeping and felt a presence next to my bed. I heard my Mother's voice plain as day. ....Cindy wake up! Cindy wake up! Before that she died there would often be time's that my Mother would call me and say....wake up,wake up! I think that she just wanted to let me know that she is with me watching over me. My Mother always worried about me as...i have an autoimmune disorder that has cut YEARS off from my life. Actually at time's in my life I KNOW that my Mother REALLY IS still with and watching over me! Momma I KNOW that you are watching me! I LOVE YOU Mt Momma angel wings! We will meet again in the promised land!


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Amber1531298 answered...

I had a dream last night were my mom came to visit and we talked for a while . I asked her what heaven was like and she said it was beautiful . I asked her of she rembered anything that had happened on the week before her death ( she was in a coma ) and she said yes that she heard it all. She still wondered though what had happened on the day she was flown to charleston and I explained everything to her. I Asked her what had happened when she died and she said her dad had come to get her and said it was time to go to heaven . She did. I honestly belive that she really came to visit although I hope I can talk to her some more because I miss her and I have one question I forgot to ask her who was my dad. You see she died very suddenly . On Monday March 24 we found her unresponsive on her bathroom floor and called 911 . They had to fly her to charleston and we did not know until pit local hospital told us after we got there. When she got there she asked what had happened that morning . Little did we know that those would be her last words . She was put in to an induced coma and never woke up due to 3 strokes 2 majors. She passed away the next Tuesday April 1 2014 we thought maybe it was all a joke and when we got home there she would be fine and watching tv .


Serena44 answered...

My mother died in July 2013. She died of complications from a rare form of blood cancer confined to her brain. She fought the cancer hard and lived over a year and a half after her diagnosis and failure of treatments. My father, sister, and I remain devastated by her passing. Her lovingkindness touched so many lives. Since her passing, she has regularly appeared in my dreams-sometimes several times in one week. Sometimes, my sister and I dream of her on the same nights. Sometimes I know I am processing my grief. Other times, I know that it is my mother's actual spirit visiting me. Last night, I dreamt that my father, sister, and I were seated at a picnic table and I was wrapping up 4 crepes. I remarked to my father that maybe, we could do a remembrance of our mother twice a year. At that point, I turned to my right and my mother was there, she put her hand over my right hand. I felt her gentle tender love for me. She looked young and healthy. I cried and thanked her for visiting me when I know she is busy in Heaven. I woke up crying and knew that this was yet another visit from my mother's spirit. I miss her so very much but know that she will always be with me. Her courage and love gives me the strength to move through my grief and face each day's challenges. I am grateful for her dream visitations and of the knowledge that she is at peace.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

My mom passed away Oct 2012 from breast cancer that spread and she suffered a great deal the last few months of her life. Mom lived with me the last few years of her life and we were close, which ironically was not the case when I was young. The last year of her life I can say that we were especially close as we spent a lot of time together just going to doctors, having tests, then stopping for some coffee or maybe stopping in a favorite store to shop and just enjoying small moments inbetween. When I knew her time was near I really felt I needed to be at the hospital when she passed away, but I had come home to take a nap to go back and had a very incredible dream that ultimately changed my life. Mom came out walking above me in a robe, I don't know where we were but it was all a soft muted gray color, her robe was of the same color. She looked good, like she did in midlife, walked out and stopped above me. Behind her pranced (and I mean pranced) my beloved dog that passed away about 3 yrs earlier, and before she passed away I had told her to pet my dog on the head when she made it to heaven (she was in a state that I was not sure if she could any longer hear me when I said this). My dog also looked really good, not like his age of 16 yrs when he passed on. I remember I could see her bare feet when she walked. In the dream I yelled up to her to "come on down, hurry up" but she never spoke to me. Just then the phone rang and somehow I picked it up immediately and I just already knew what that phone call was about before I was even awake. It was the hospital telling me that mom had just passed away. While someone on the other end of the phone was talking, the dream just flooded my mind and I just sat in awe for the longest time. I believe that my mom was concerned for me as her death was difficult and I really don't have any family, it was just us. She let me know she is okay, and I've just felt blessed for that. I would never have felt okay about the way she passed on without that dream. I can also tell you that I felt her with me for about one week after, and I can tell you that I felt her leave, almost as if somehow we were connected and I just felt the connection slip away almost as if instantaneously in a moment.

My view of life changed drastically with this experience. I now "know" which is very different from "believing" that we exist beyond the physical world. Mom transcended space & time to see me, and I was glad I was asleep so we could connect. Understanding this has led to some major life changes and led me to a path of knowledge which I am so grateful for.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

My Mom passed away 2 days ago at age of 74, She had a lung cancer and a rheumatoid arthiritis, and some other illnesses, short while ago She had a hip replacement done. She was the Best Mom I could have ever asked for! I feel disappointed in myself for not helping Her more, I knew She had those illnesses but I didn't understand how bad the situation was, I though and had in mind that it would be like that for many years to come. I feel bad that I didn't tell Her that I loved Her very much and do right now, but I know She knew that! I just wish I had been better for Her. Couple days ago when She passed, something in me did too, I'll never forget Her and how She always was so good to me! Thank You Mom Forever!


An anonymous caregiver answered...

I imagine we are communicated with through various ways. We have to be open to seeing the signs but not always looking for them, I recommend the author Roberta Grimes, robertagrimes.com is her site. She has many books on this subject, and her book The Fun of Staying in Touch might give you some insight into how communications can be and how to reciprocate them.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

I had a good relationship with my Father when I was younger, he wasn't perfect but he was still my Dad and I had the utmost respect for him. Three years before he died he began to change, he refused medical attention and became very stubborn. I knew his health was diminishing, so my husband and I tried to help but he just ignored us. The time of his death I just gave birth to a son and it was a C section, so I had no time to travel out of the US to his funeral and say my last goodbyes. Six months later as I was visiting my Mom and not thinking about him, my Dad appeared in my room as I was about to fall asleep. I am not one to believe in ghosts/spirits but this was real, as real as can be. I will admit that having a new born made me a little sleep deprived and no I do not drink or do drugs. My Dad spoke to me and told me he came to say goodbye and some of his friends were waiting for him. He died at age 73 but he looked like he was 30. It was a short visit and I will admit I was a little scared, but I am happy he came back to find me. I guess our loved ones want us to know that they are doing well and will try to communicate however they can.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

When my aunt died I didn't find out until it was too late. I didn't get a chance to even go to her funeral. I cried every night, I went to sleep thinking about her. One day I had a dream of her and in my dream I bust into tears and I was shocked to see her so I said" I thought you died?" And she told me that she was still here and she never left.


An anonymous caregiver answered...

My mother died just very recently January 1, 2015. New years eve i wasnt there for her, she passed away of hypothermia, paradoxical hypotermia. Very long story of how it happened. And Very hard to understand if you dont know what that type of death means. Well I shared a very, very close bond with her, i am her youngest son of three children, one daughter, and two sons. She passed away two weeks before my 21st birthday. I was always so close to her since i was a kid but i got more and more close as each day passed. My father left us when we were only little kids, so my mother was our father too and she was the hardest working person i ever known. She was the sweetest, most big hearted person ive ever known. And everybody who knew her, thought the same. Yes of course she wasnt perfect but she was such a good person. I see her in my dreams almost every night, but my first dream of her the night after she passed touched me the most. I was dreaming that i was sitting down crying knowing that she passed away already and i seen her face and partially her body and she came up to me and said "its okay sweetie its okay". She used to call all her loved ones and friends "sweetie" or "sweetheart", when really, she was the sweetheart. I woke up crying so much. I grieve for her loss every single day and i know i will for the rest of my life. I know she is in a better place, and i know exactly how you feel and what its like to lose your mother. We will all see our mothers again one day and thats a promise. When your faith is low, just always remember that its only normal to have low faith at times like these. But God is here for us no matter what and will give us the strength to accept he has taken our loved ones to join his army of angels. Keep your head up and be strong for your mother, even thought you cant see her in person, shes always with you spirtually and will never leave your side. She can see you and she has you in her arms always and forever.


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