Are there any dangers being in contact with someone undergoing chemotherapy?

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 14, 2017
A fellow caregiver asked...

Are there any dangers being in contact with someone who is recieving chemotherapy? My father-in-law just started recieving chemotherapy for a lung disease called ARDS. My husband and mother-in-law visit him daily. I don't go often because it is a 2 hour drive every day and I have a daughter in school. Should I be concerned about my husband touching and giving his dad a kiss on the cheek or forehead and then kissing me and my daughter?

Community Answers

Angie f. answered...
There is no risk to you, your husband or your daughter, however, there is a risk to your father-in-law if any of you are sick with a cold, strep throat, etc. A person undergoing chemo is more suseptable to infections. I am going through chemo right now and am a 26 year old single mom. There are no risks to my daughter. My thoughts are with your family. Angie F.