What constitutes high blood sugar?

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Ethel2 asked...

How high should a sugar reading get and if it's too high what do I do to lower it?

Expert Answers

Theresa Garnero is clinical nurse manager of Diabetes Services at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

The goal for glucose levels are: 70-130 mg/dl before a meal, and two hours after a meal less than 180 mg/dl. A person with diabetes will exceed these levels due to the body's inability to make enough insulin, meal choices, stress, lack of exercise, not enough or the right type of medicine, or infection.

How high is too high? When the glucose levels consistently exceed these values (as they will eventually cause complications if left uncontrolled), or readings above 250 for more than 2 days. Both scenarios necessitate calling your primary care physician or diabetes educator for problem solving.

If it is a matter of too many carbs, then you could go out for a brisk walk, stay hydrated with water and apply the experience by adjusting your carbs the next time you are faced with a similar meal. If it is unexplained, then you'll need help figuring it out to get to the cause - and that is easier said then done. Many times medication needs adjusting to dial the glucose numbers back down into the target/goal range.

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