Does Chester Bennington have throat cancer?

2 answers | Last updated: Oct 26, 2016
Loveoneanother asked...

Does Chester Bennington have throat cancer?

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Wyliephoenix answered...

There are lots of rumors swirling about Chester Bennington and throat cancer. But if you search online you can't really find anything but that: rumors. There are lots of people asking the question, but no one with a clear answer.

It's clear that he had some serious health problems a couple years ago, but it's unclear exactly what they were. And he has started a new band, Dead by Sunrise, so it seems like he's OK now. So, I'd say the connection between Chester Bennington and throat cancer is sketchy.

Nischal answered...

NO NOT AT ALL .he was ill before but there is no such thing abut him..........those who says he do....he is great singer a good mate of linkin park....u cannot say that think before u speak....!!!!!