Can you split Ambien in half?

1 answer | Last updated: Oct 07, 2014
Loggerbob asked...

Can you split Ambien in half?

Community Answers

Lakisha v answered...

Yes, you can split Ambien in half. You can split either the 10mg or 5mg tablets in half. This is helpful, because some insurance companies will only cover a maximum of 14 tablets in 30 days so if you cut them in half, you can have 28 doses. You can also cut zolpidem, which is the generic fo Ambien, in half. But you must be very careful to never cut Ambien CR in half. This is a controlled release medication. The release mechanism will be destroyed if this tablet is cut in half. The medication would have a possibility of causing overdose, or other serious issues. Never split controlled release medications in half.

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