Is there a program in Iowa that will pay you for taking care of a family member?

Jeanbeebe asked...

Is there a program that pays you for taking care of a family member in Iowa? Do you know what it is called?


Expert Answer

Many states have programs that can pay a family member to take care of a frail senior at home. These family caregiver payment programs -- often called Cash and Counseling but sometimes another name -- directly pay low-income seniors who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid coverage from a home care agency. The senior can then take this money and pay a family member or other independent caregiver instead of having to receive care through an agency.

These programs are often operated through a state's Medicaid department, and may require that the senior qualify for Medicaid in order to participate in the program. In other states, the eligibility requirements are slightly more relaxed than for Medicaid. In Iowa, there is such a program; it's called Consumer Choices Option and it's operated by the state's Department of Human Services. To get details about the program, go to the Iowa Consumer Choice Option web page.