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Can you eat dairy products while on Levaquin?

2 answers | Last updated: Mar 24, 2015
cheeseburgerlvr asked...

Can you eat dairy products while on Levaquin?


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Kelly_B answered...

If you intend to eat dairy products, you should wait at least two hours after taking your dose of Levaquin before ingesting the milk, cheese, ice cream or other dairy See also:
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delight. Levaquin interacts with a number of substances besides dairy, including multivitamins, calcium, and other antibiotics, and the interaction reduces the effectiveness of the Levaquin. Since you are taking the antibiotic Levaquin to fight a bacterial infection,you want to let it work at its full strength in your body. Be sure to tell you doctor about any herbal supplement, vitamins, minerals, other drugs you are using--prescription, over-the-counter, or recreational--, alcohol usage, and any other substance you consume on a regular basis that might interact with your prescription. As a team, the two of you will be able to determine which items will interact or not. Dairy can ok during this time, but minimal is best. Wait two hours so that you get the best effect from your Levaquin.


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