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Can Levaquin be crushed?

2 answers | Last updated: Feb 18, 2015
cheeseburgerlvr asked...

Can Levaquin be crushed?


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NHarvard46 answered...

Levaquin does come in a tablet that can be crushed.However, it is highly recomended if the patient has a problem with the pill form to have the doctor prescribe it in liquid form. This is a better option. That way it ensures the patient gets all of the dosage.When pills are crushed a lot of times there will be residue left over that the patient doesnt swallow.This results in the patient not getting 100% of the medicine.This reduces the effectivness of the medicine.


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JazzRN answered...

This may be true, however, what you can do is get a pill crusher, and use he sandwich approach. Put a small amount of applesauce on the bottom of a med cup, crush the levaquin and pour on top of the applesauce, and then put another small layer on top of the crushed medication. Spoon out the entire amount (the crushed meds will be "sandwiched" between the 2 layers of applesauce and take it that way.