Can I continue to receive Social Security Disability income while living in Israel with dual citizenship?

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Energy asked...

I am a United States citizen planning to move to Israel and obtain Israeli citizenship (where I would be holding dual U.S./Israeli citizenship) I have a permanent disability and am receiving Social Security Disability Income. In Israel, I would be eligible to receive Disability Income from the Israeli government as a person with disabilities. Would I be able to continue to receive SSDI from the U.S.?

Expert Answers

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can receive Social Security benefits of any kind even though you live outside the U.S. In Israel, you can even have your Social Security benefits check direct deposited in your bank account there. You can arrange this with a local Social Security office in the U.S., or in Israel at the U.S. embassy or one of its consulates.

Social Security disability benefits are little more complicated than retirement or survivors benefits, however. That's because your eligibility for disability benefits depends on your inability to work, which Social Security measures not only by your physical condition but also by whether or not you have any actual earnings. If your physical condition improves, or you find work that you can do and begin to earn more than Social Security allows, you may lose your Social Security disability benefits. If you live in the U.S., Social Security does a periodic review of your physical condition. Also, you must report any earnings you have (which Social Security can also check through the records of any taxes paid on your behalf by an employer).

If you live outside the country, Social Security will continue to monitor your condition and whether you are earning income from current work. Social Security will periodically send you a questionnaire to determine whether you're still eligible for disability benefits. This will include questions about your condition and your current earnings. You also have a duty to promptly report to Social Security any changes in your condition or earnings you have from current work, regardless of whether you have recently received a questionnaire. If you fail to report an improvement in your physical condition or earnings, you could lose your benefits.

If you do return to work once you are in Israel, you can keep receiving your disability benefits for up to nine months in what is called a "trial work period." If you keep working after nine months, you'll get three more months of disability benefits and then they'll stop. If at any time during that nine-month trial period you stop working again, your benefits will continue.

To learn more about receiving Social Security benefits while living outside the country, see the page Your Payments While You Are Outside the United States on the official Social Security Administration Web site.

Community Answers

Poetryman answered...

This did not address my question.It may have answered someone who is in Isreal, but not if the country was the Philippines

Mr. u answered...

You shouldn't try to take advantage of the generosity of the government. That is greedy.

Bobbyd answered...

Poetryman said... This did not address my question.It may have answered someone who is in Isreal, but not if the country was the Philippines

There is a list of countries that the SSA will not send checks to like North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba etc..The P.I. is not on the list. You need to notify the SSA when you move, if you go to work and when you return. SSDI is something you paid for. It is not taking advantage of this country's generosity as the other comment said. Have a great time in the P.I.. I wish I could go back (I was there in the Navy).

Combat veteran answered...

It's extremely rude to call this person greedy or ofthebgovenrment are taking advantage of the govenrment because they are hoping their SSDI payments continue in another country. You have no idea how much they've paid in or to what extent or how their disabilities came to be.

I have friends that were permanently disabled serving this country at war. They certainly deserve to be paid SSDI due to their inability to obtain gainful employment as well as their VA Pension to cover them and their dependents for their inability to achieve a full military pension with injuries preventing service. It's pennies on the dollar compared to the millions a Congressman can make in kne year on tip of their already rediculous salary and the million average they make padding their pockets from coporate incentives. For any common citizen to come here and belittle amother fellow citizen or to be insulted by these benefits is disgusting and misdirected. These people don't take from the U.S. economy. They have a reserve to pay benefits through 2080. You should be more upset that Corporations get $600,000,000 tax write-offS based on Ronald Regains failed attempt on a so called "Trickle-Down Effect." That money from on corporation could benefit education, transportation and number of important services to the public.there is no trickle down, it goes toward expansion and development io foreign soil and the CEOs pocket millions while their employees slave away for poverty level wages. Your misdirected anger and insults are either a measure of your ignorance (lack of education) on the condition of our Nation, prejudices and hate toward other human beings pr perhaps a combination of both.

To overlook Corporate greed and insult a disabled American for trying to survive is very unbecoming. My fellow service members who've bled for this Nation csn live anywhere they please on their pension. They've earned that right. The right to seek health care in other Nations, to escape the atrocious VA system. If this Nation wants to treat them like a 3rd class citizen, then I encourage them to move somewhere peaceful to live out the rest of their years in physical misery, but peaceful seclusion. SMH...