Can other cancers develop during chemo?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I have breast cancer. Cancer in the lymph nodes too. I have completed eight sessions of chemo. Once completed I had another CT Scan and bone scan. Now they see an irregularity on my right lung that wasn't there in March when I had my initial CT. My oncologist says to see a lung doctor. Could cancer develop or move during chemo? What could this irregularity be?

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Andrew Putnam, M.D. is a Palliative Care physician at Smilow Cancer Center at Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale University.

Sadly new cancer can develop during chemo if the chemo is not as effective as we wish. There are several things the irregularity in your lung could be, but it is possible that the breast cancer has spread to a new place. The irregularity could also be a different cancer or something that is not cancer at all. It is important to see the lung doctor because she or he may try to biopsy a small piece to learn what the irregularity is.

Community Answers

Mingshu answered...

I Habe Been Receiving CHEMO For The Last 3 Yrs. And CANCER Has NOT Stopped Spreading.

Barb102 answered...

My own research on this (and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 4 years ago) is that everyone needs to sure up their IMMUNE SYSTEM since that is the reason the cancer cells "took over" in the first place. THEN regardless of what treatment you choose, you need to IMPROVE the immune system so that IT can fight cancers ... unfortunately most all medical interventions further compromise the immune system and that is what causes more cancers.

I recommend Health Quarters Ministries (Colorado) and the Gershon Institute websites for their info on healing cancers. Most people get sicker from the treatments than they do from the original cancers ... so build your immune system --- detox, eat organic, eliminate meats (for a time) ... and you will be healthier and fight cancer!! Our God created our bodies to fight disease, and if we give it the right tools (health) we will win the fight against disease!!! God bless you! Don't give up and don't just "drink the medical Koolaid" ... learn what heals cancer!!

Dandelion88 answered...

Barb102, you are so right. If our immune system is strong enough, it can fight cancer! I was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer and had spread to the lymph system in September last year. I read information on the Gerson Institute websites as well as other websites for alternative treatments. After finishing my chemo I still had a 1.1cm tumour remaining although I responded to the chemo very well in the first 3 cycles, but not so well in the last 3 cycles. Three months later I had another CT scan and the tumour disappeared. I put it down to the anti-cancer food I have been eating including making my own juices and doing exercise!

Leetye answered...

I am battling breast cancer 3 year cancer free then back 2014/2015 even n treatment why is this and if in cranium what I'd best treatment